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Wenn es schon kaum Neues zu berichten gibt, dann halt 'Macintosh Basics':
"The Mac Basics Tour features an animated character who introduces novice users to computer concepts. Eric Quakenbush created the character and environments that explained desktop metaphors in simple language."

(via trev.org)

Die Gähn-Meldung des Tages betrifft Apples 'Fehlen im Wohnzimmer':
"If Apple just keeps preaching to the choir, its market share will continue to shrink, but making a serious living room play could improve its fortunes. Apple has historically watched a nascent market develop, then stepped in and done something cool that no one else had done yet. The iPod is a perfect example: it wasn't the first disk-based MP3 player out there, but to date, it remains one of the coolest. Apple has a similar opportunity in the HTPC market. With its industrial design savvy and already-existing technologies, it can truly take this device to its next level."
Nett wie daraus direkt wieder Gerüchte über einen eventuell geplanten Apple Media-PC gebastelt werden (der Artikel macht noch nicht einmal eine Andeutung diesbezüglich)...

Aus einem Artikel bei Stereophile:
"Another popular outtake from the game was Green Day's version of "I Fought the Law," used in a commercial for Apple and Pepsi. The song is an iTunes "world-wide exclusive," in the words of Apple marketing executive Rob Schoeben, and sold 27,000 copies during the first three weeks it was available."

Der iPod mini als Retter des Microdrive:
"Apple proved my logic wrong and is Steve Jobs happy about that as there is another $50 (or 25%) in added revenue per unit for Apple's coffers.
But the biggest winner is the Microdrive, a device I called a footnote a year ago. Give Hitachi credit for making viable to the marketplace. Give them credit for convincing Apple this was the drive for them.
Give them credit for doing what IBM couldn't, giving mass commercial life to a piece of impressive technology."

Ein leicht betagter Artikel der NYT über einen Mönch, seine Sinar und einen PowerMac:
"But here at St. Catherine's, in the world's oldest continuously inhabited Christian monastic community, a Greek Orthodox monk from Texas is working with some of the world's highest-resolution digital technology to help preserve the monastery's 3,300 priceless and impressively intact ancient manuscripts."

Wer tatsächlich noch nicht genug Jeff Raskin Interviews gelesen haben sollte, hier ist ein weiteres bei Berkeley Groks.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
03/08 First Annual International Women's Day, 1909

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