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Software iPod Nachahmung für PocketPCs (Update)

Wired schreibt über pPod (im DienstagsMacOrama des 24.02. erwähnt):
pPod"On the market just two weeks, the product is a software iPod that runs on Pocket PCs, Microsoft's Palm-like operating system for handhelds.
The virtual iPod is, well, virtually identical to a real iPod.[...]
The pPod software plays only songs encoded as MP3 files. It does not support WMA, nor songs downloaded from Apple's popular iTunes Music Store, which are encoded as copy-protected AAC files.
The lack of AAC support appears to be a big disappointment to potential users, who are keen to turn their Pocket PCs into mobile players of iTunes songs.[...]

"I think iPod interface is going to be the new Linux," he said. "People are going to try and put an iPod interface on just about everything."

Update 09.03.04:
Apple mischt inzwischen mit, wie MacCentral zu berichten weiß:
"Kelly said that Starbrite has "cooperated fully to address Apple's concerns." The developer changed the layout of the software so the touch pad is now located between the menu and the buttons. Starbrite changed pPod's name to pBop, and also put a disclaimer on its Web site stating that the company has no connection to Apple or the iPod."
Momentan ist die Starbrite-Seite allerdings komplett unerreichbar...

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