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MacOrama für den 21. April 2004 [Update]

Der iTunes Music Store wurde für drei Webby Awards nominiert, in den Kategorien Music, Services und Commerce.

Warum es mir besondere Freude macht, im Apple Store einzukaufen:
Wieviele Nächte habe ich schon geträumt von mein persönliches Mac...

Vor einigen Tagen erwähnte ich PulpFiction, einen RSS-Reader für OS X, der durch eine Vielzahl an sehr angenehmen Funktionen auftrumpfen könnte (ab 15. Mai selbst überprüfbar) und in klarer Konkurrenz zu NetNewsWire konzipiert ist, dessen Entwickler Brent Simmons entsprechend eine längst überfällige Vorschau auf auf die kommende NNW Version gab, die ebenso mehr als verlockend klingt, dabei unter anderem:
"People who use multiple computers will be able to synchronize their subscription lists and the read/flagged status of news items between two copies of NetNewsWire."

"Amid all its video offerings this week, Apple's booth at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas hosted a demonstration of a new HD video codec, aka. h.264 or MPEG-4 Part 10," PCPro.com reports. "...unlike other codecs, h.264 is scalable, allowing content creators to write their content for everything from 3G phones to HD and everything in between."
"Frank Casanova, Apple's director of QuickTime product marketing, told the website: 'This is a very flexible and very high-quality codec. It's based on a whole new engineering base - it's not today's MPEG-4 tweaked,' before adding, 'We are working on it, as are many other companies - here there are dozens of announcements and demonstrations of h.264. Everywhere except in the Microsoft booth,'" PCPro.com reports.
(via MacDailyNews)

Ben&Jerry's vergeben 50.000 iTMS Songs, schreibt TMO:
"Here's a new twist on giveaways: free iTunes Music Store downloads to mark the 26th annual Free Cone Day at ice cream retailer Ben & Jerry's with an online commitment from Americans to exercise their right to vote.[...]
When all the free downloads are gone, entrants can then register for a chance to win a sweepstakes with the grand prize of an Apple iPod, Apple iMac and a trip to Vermont to spend a day as an honorary Ben & Jerry's 'Flavor Guru' to create a customized batch of their own ice cream, Heimert said.[...]
"I think the brands - Ben & Jerry's and Apple - are a lot alike," Heimert commented. "There are certainly a lot of the same asperations between these two companies. We have a long history with Macs in our Web team and design department where they all use Macs and there is a deep affinity within our company for the Apple brand."

Probleme mit AirPort 3.4 bei MacFixIt, konnte selber nichts dergleichen bemerken.

Simpel, effektiv und Freeware:
"AntiRSI is a program for Mac OS X that helps prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury) and other computer related stress. It does so by forcing you to take regular breaks, yet without getting in the way. It also detects natural breaks so it won't force too many breaks on you."
(via theflow quicklinks)

Think Secret meldet, dass Office 2004 'Gold Master'-Status erreicht hat:
"Sources were, however, unclear as to the company's release plans for Virtual PC 7, the Windows OS emulator that is to be bundled with Office in its "Professional Edition." Apple's online store allows customers to pre-order Office 2004, but it lists only the Standard Edition, Upgrade Edition, and Student and Teacher Edition, suggesting that Virtual PC 7 will lag behind Office 2004."

iPod Zubehör Overkill:
"Apple officials estimate there are more than 200 products on the market. Accessory maker Belkin Corp. says one in five iPod owners has bought one of its products." bei Reuters. Die Gucci-iPod-Tasche gabs im gestrigen MacOrama und Karl Lagerfeld mit seinen 40 iPod (oder übersetzungsfehlerbehaftet seinem einem 40GB iPod?) vorgestern.

Ach ja, Europa und der iTMS:
"Of course, Apple and co. are going to have to give up something themselves, in return for this unfied licensing regime. In particular, they must unifty in turn their DRM technologies, the EC says. "A pre-requisite to ensure Community-wide accessibility to DRM systems and services by rightholders as well as users and, in particular, consumers, is that DRM systems and services are interoperable." meldet The Reg.
Napster hat ebenfalls mit den Kontinentaleuropa Problemen zu kämpfen:
"The picture in continental Europe is cloudier. Gorog described the licence negotiations there as being in the "preliminary stages." He added he had no visibility on when Napster would launch in those markets."
Apple hat sich weiterhin 2004 zum Ziel gesetzt.

"It's kind of a Soviet model," said Glaser, referring to Apple's closed environment in a remark that drew laugher from the audience at the annual National Association of Broadcasters conference here. "Taking secure music off the PC is a morass of incompatibility. This is not going to fly in the mainstream market."

Die Knowledge Base hält PowerBook Artikel bereit:
Learn to identify the input/output (I/O) ports of PowerBook G4 computers (nicht so kompliziert) und für Selbstinstallierer die .pdf-Anleitungen zu RAM-Einbau, Airport Extrem Karten Wechsel und Fußaustausch, einmal für die 12" Modelle und einmal für die 15&17" Fraktion.

Kleine Apple Galerie zur NAB 2004.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
04/21 Tiradentes in Brazil

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