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MacOrama für den 07. April 2004

Die Financial Times über Steve Jobs Einfluss durch den iTMS:
"Mark Mulligan, senior analyst at Jupiter Research, suggests Mr Jobs' words should not necessarily be taken at face value. "It discredits his competitors' chances of making money and strengthens his position in negotiating with the labels," he says.
Mr Jobs' position is undeniably getting stronger all the time."

"Apple Computer Inc. on Tuesday lost a High Court bid to have its legal case brought by the management company for legendary Fab Four rockers, the Beatles, moved from Britain to the United States."

Jon Gales über SpyMac:
"If you took all Mac sites and rated them on a scale of "shady-ness", SpyMac would be at the top. Besides calling it's spattered collection of PHP scripts a "platform" or "operating system", the site has a faux address at the Empire State Building listed as its home. Not to mention SpyMac is really based in Germany but co-founded from Canada. Just for fun, they are known to steal stories nearly verbatim from Mac news sites and act like it's their right."

"Here is an example of DOT-POD in action: Let's say you've created some original music in GarageBand and you want to make it available to your clients, or friends and family. You can't really email huge files to all your friends - the easy way is to copy them to your iPod and use DOT-POD to make them available on the web from your iPod so that your, clients, friends and family can download them from their web browser."

Ein MacBU Mitarbeiter plaudert in seinem Blog über Office 2004:
"The bad news is that Mac Word 2004 doesn’t support XML. Also, because the new Information Rights Management feature in Win Office 2003 is based on some Windows-only Active Directory authentication and identity features, we were not able to put together a solution for Mac Office 2004 that will enable Mac users to read Win Office 2003 documents that have IRM protection turned on. Both of these, however, are high on our list of things to do in the immediate future. Exactly when they’ll be available, I don’t know."

Das PDF Browser Plugin 2.0.1 von Manfred Schubert liegt mit etlichen Bugfixes in Version 2.0.1 vor.

Sony Ericsson Z1010 Galerie inklusive Größenvergleich zum Z600 bei MobileBurn.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
04/07 Albert Hofmann synthesizes LSD in Switzerland, 1943

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