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MacOrama für den 10. April 2004

Fantastischer Launcher-Artikel bei MacDevCenter.com, abgehandelt werden unter anderem (natürlich) LaunchBar, Quicksilver und Butler, wobei mir insbesondere das Fazit aus dem Herzen spricht:
"As for me? I said at the start that I've been a LaunchBar user for some time, and while testing all these apps I did consider changing to Quicksilver. But then, overnight, the new version of LaunchBar was released and after using it for a day or so, I was certain that I had no need to switch.
Your choice of launcher is up to you. Of course, you could always do what I did during the process of writing this article--install all of them, and watch in bemusement as you use one launcher to launch another, and a different one to switch between them. Silly, I know, but we writers have to get our entertainment from somewhere."

Das könnte sich zum 'dirty secret' des iPod mini ausweiten, iPodlounge berichtet:
"Many forum members have been reporting that their iPod mini is creating audio distortion when used. One such member claims to have discovered a major design flaw in the iPod mini, which results in sound distortion when placing pressure anywhere on its surface or headphone port."

Ein komplettes (Probe)Kapitel aus der 3. Ausgabe von Mac OS X Panther Unleashed bei informIT.com, sicher einen Blick wert:
"Mac OS X comes with dozens of utilities and applications—many of which can be easily cataloged, such as the Internet and media tools discussed in the upcoming chapters. Many applications, however, can't easily be assigned a category. This chapter covers the useful Mac OS X applications and utilities that you're likely to use regularly. If you're a big fan of Stickies, sorry; it gets an honorable mention, but we have to draw the line somewhere!"

Playfair ist nach Indien ausgewandert.
(via Boing Boing)

"In addition to updating resellers on the status of Xserve G5 shipments, Hansen reportedly provided hints that the company would be 'refreshing' many of its professional products during its World Wide Developers conference, set to take place in San Francisco during the final week of June."
Oder zum Gerüchteselberbasteln der Ostertip bei IT&W.

Einige Synchronisierungshilfen für OS X, vorgestellt bei bronski.net:
"Über Versiontracker bin ich gestern auf FoldersSynchronizer X gestossen. Das könnte ein recht nützliches tool sein, dachte ich mir, habe dann aber irgendwie aus Neugier und Forscherdrang ein wenig auf der Seite rumgeklickt, habe Links verfolgt und irgendwann sogar ähnliche Produkte gesucht. So habe ich dann auch You Synchronize, ChronoSync und Gemini gefunden. Letzteres lasse ich aber im weiteren ganz bewusst weg, erstens scheint es nicht mehr aktuell zu sein, und zweitens hat die Seite des Entwicklers einen eher, nun ja, negativen Eindruck hinterlassen."

Die New York Post mal wieder:
"Steve Jobs wants to return to the Disney fold if Michael Eisner is ousted as CEO, The Post has learned."

Apple wird ordentlich auf der vom 06. bis zum 19. Mai in Düsseldorf stattfindenden drupa vertreten sein:
"Visit us in Hall 9 (Stand 9D44) and find out exactly why Mac OS X is the platform of choice for the print production industry. From May 6th to 13th, Apple will host a series of seminars (see detailed information, below) designed to demonstrate how cutting-edge technologies that are built into Mac OS X Panther, including ColorSync, AppleScript, Font Book and Quartz Extreme, work hand-in-hand with our award-winning hardware range — as well as a wide range of third-party solutions — to give you complete control over every aspect of your workflow."

BBC News über den Streit zwischen AppleApple und AppleBeatles:
"The late Beatle George Harrison spotted an advert for Apple Computer while flicking through a British magazine in 1980.
He felt there was potential for trademark conflict with Apple Corps - set up by The Beatles in 1968 to release their songs and manage their creative affairs."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
04/10 Paul McCartney announces that he's quitting the Beatles, 1970

In diesem Sinne 'Frohe Ostern' an alles fscklog-Leser!

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