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MacOrama für den 13. April 2004

Die iTunes Music Store Zielgruppe ist unter 10 und über 25, zumindest nach Apples eigener Definition in der FT:
"Eddie Cue, vice-president of applications at Apple, says: "We thought the 18-25 age group was a lost cause because they've been downloading [music] for free for years. The under-10 crew and the over-25 crew is where we're aimed."

AppleInsider schiebt weitere mögliche Gründe für die ausstehenden Power Macs hinterher:
"According to a reliable source, Apple was recently forced to completely rework the internal temperature sensors inside the current G5 case design to accommodate the new 90 nanometer G5 processors. Apparently, the new 90nm daughter cards have a different profile and seat position than the cards included in the initial Power Mac G5."

Der 'erste OS X Trojaner' sorgte kurz vor Ostern kräftig für Wirbel, ein treffendes (und vorerst abschließendes) Fazit bei decaffeinated:
"And that’s precisely what this is all about: social engineering. Mac OS X is secure enough to withstand the kind of wholly–automated attack that every Windows virus goes with, so the onus is on user stupidity. And frankly, it’s depending on the kind of user stupidity that allows hackers to invade a computer because the password is “password”. Not the kind of thing to start us quaking in our boots.
When somebody comes up with a Mac OS X virus that downloads, installs, and runs without my knowledge or consent, I’ll be impressed. When somebody comes up with a Mac OS X virus that does that and forwards itself to everybody in my address book, I’ll be concerned. When somebody comes up with a Mac OS X virus that does all that and fucks my hard drive in such a manner that I can no longer boot my machine… I’ll be pissed off. Until then, happy computing."

Apple-Rechner erfreuen sich in der Filmindustrie auch bei den Drehbuchschreibern großer Beliebtheit; MacCentral:
"Not every successful screenwriter started his career on the Mac, however. As in every walk of life, you can find plenty of switchers in Hollywood. Up-and-coming screenwriter Carlito Rodriguez observes: "Once they go Mac, they don't go back."
"The one comment Terry made that I remember specifically was something about how using a Mac would make me smile," recalls Michael Gilvary, who made the move to a PowerBook G4 after 18 years in the PC world. Rossio and Elliott helped convince him it was the right choice.
Now, he says, "I feel less like I'm pushing 1's and 0's around a silicon chip and more like I'm pushing my heroine into a confrontation with an unspeakable evil dwelling in the bowels of the Earth, which is the screenplay I'm currently working on."

Laut AppleInsider stellt Symantec die Norton Utilities für den Mac ein:
"Mirroring a move made on the Windows software side, and reflecting a long-term corporate strategy, Symantec has internally declared an "end-of-life" (EOL) to Norton Utilities for the Macintosh, sources tell AppleInsider.
There will be no future version of Norton Utilities for Macintosh and all development of the software has been shelved, according to sources close to the company. Instead, Symantec will reportedly focus its development resources towards future consumer and corporate versions of Norton AntiVirus, Norton Personal Firewall and Norton Internet Security."

Rob 'macosxhints.com' Griffiths bietet UNIX-Tricks bei macworld.com:
"Learn a bit more about the Unix side of OS X, including hints on using Terminal to convert manuals to PostScript, copy information to the Clipboard, convert line breaks in text files, identify what's in a given file, and open the current directory folder in the Finder."

Ansonsten dürfte die Woche noch recht spannend werden, zumindest gibt es morgen Quartalszahlen und am Sonntag ein 'Special Event'...

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
04/13 Thomas Jefferson born, 1743

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