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OS X 10.3.4 (7H41) ging an die Entwickler

Seit gestern können Entwickler einen Blick auf die pre-release Version von 10.3.4 werfen, meldet macnews.net.tc:
(Mac OS X 10.3.4 7H41...) includes a fix that may result in a performance gain in launching applications that aren't prebound." And about device compatibility: "We have taken a small number of changes that may impact devices (SCSI drives, USB Flash Media, TWAIN scanners, iPods & some PC Cards). Some additional devices include Audio FireWire and connecting an iPod via USB 2.0."
Weitere Änderungen finden sich bei 'Core Audio, OpenGL, Graphics, Core OS, and the High Level Toolbox'.
Nach Angaben von AppleInsider momentan 33,6MB schwer.

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