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1,25$ pro iTunes Music Store Song? [Update: Apple's Dementi]

itmsiconDie Gossip-Experten der New York Post schreiben zumindest selbiges:
"EMI and Sony Music, which this week launched its own download service called Sony Connect, were said to be the most aggressive on pricing.
Under the terms of some of the deals, the prices for some of the most popular singles could rise to $1.25, according to sources familiar with the negotiations. Songs have previously been priced at 99 cents across the board."

Nach Steve Jobs Aussage, die kaum 10 Tage alt ist, bezweifle ich es allerdings:
"First one is the price for songs in the iTunes store is remaining 99 cents per song, and we think that's what customers want and that's what we're delivering. So the prices will remain 99 cents per song and any rumors to the contrary are simply not true."

Das ging sehr schnell, alles andere war nach Jobs Aussage allerdings sowieso schwer vorstellbar:
"These rumors aren't true," said Apple spokeswoman Natalie Sequeira. "We have multiyear agreements with the labels and our prices remain 99 cents a track."

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