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Die Apple-Adobe 'Co-opetition'

adobelogoBei Creative Mac gehen fünf Fragen an Steve Kilisky, den Adobe After Effects Product Manager, die sich natürlich in erster Linie um die Apple-Adobe Konkurrenz insbesondere im Zusammenhang mit neuerdings Motion/After Effects und alterdings FCP/Premiere drehen:
DMN: Can you say definitively whether there will be an After Effects 7 for the Mac?
SK: There will be an After Effects 7 for the Mac. We will continue to develop our product for the Macintosh as long as the Mac platform remains viable in the markets we address with After Effects.[…]
For example, while Adobe and Apple compete in the video market, we are also partnering with them in the design and publishing markets where our Creative Suite is a huge driver for Apple's continued popularity across the creative industries. This form of mixed cooperation and competition (nicknamed "co-opetition") is simply a natural outcome of large companies working in similar markets — there are bound to be overlaps.

Ende April hatte Adobe's CEO Bruce Chizen in einem Interview sich bereits über die Apple-Adobe Situation recht positiv geäußert, war dabei aber nicht auf die frisch aufgetauchte Motion/After Effects Konkurrenzsituation eingegangen.

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