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iPod mini sorgt für Schmerzen

ipodminisWährend der Kolumnist bei DenverPost.com über seine leidvollen Erfahrungen auf der Suche nach einem pinken iPod mini plaudert: "If you want to be assaulted by a humiliating burst of laughter, go to Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA or even Apple Computer's own stores and ask for an iPod mini. Tell them you want it in pink and insist that you need it now. "I don't mean any offense," an Apple rep at a CompUSA store told me on Saturday, "but most of the people looking for this are 15- to 16-year-old girls" und letztendlich nicht in der Lage war, einen direkt in die Finger zu bekommen: "As soon as stores get them, people snatch them up immediately," Stan Ng, director of product marketing for Apple told me. "They've become an incredible cultural phenomenon", zeigt MacBidouille ein Foto aus dem New Yorker Soho Apple Store, in dem zumindest einige mini iPods eingetrudelt sind:
"This has been taken yesterday in the Apple Store Soho, where, as you can see, iPod mini are available. Let's hope that it is not a single isolated occurence."
Die 'Wahrheit' über die iPod mini Knappheit wurde vor noch nicht allzu langer Zeit hier im fscklog enthüllt.

Derweil titelt Reuters in bahnbrechender Weitsicht zum nur für Japan vorgestellten Sony Vaio Pocket VGF-AP1 (wie im gestrigen MacOrama verlinkt): 'Sony takes aim at Apple but iPod seen safe for now':
"Industry watchers say Sony will struggle to gain a stronger footing in the fast-growing industry now dominated by Apple. The U.S.-based company has nearly 50 percent of the market for digital MP3 music players thanks to the iPod's success. "In terms of actually attacking Apple it's only a start. I don't see any major shake down in the industry right now," said Standard&Poor's equity analyst John Yang. "I just don't see how Sony could really turn the whole thing upside down with iPod."

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