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Luxus-Accessoires für den iPod und Karl Lagerfeld Teil 2

Leander Kahney schreibt heute bei Wired über weitere Luxus-Täschchen für den iPod, z.B. Fendi's Jukebox für 1500$:
"In fact, most of the major international design houses sell iPod cases, including Pucci, Dior, Chanel and Coach. Anya Hindmarch's bespoke Ebury handbag, a hot item this season, has a special compartment just for the iPod. The famous Colette boutique in Paris sells several. "The same consumer who buys an iPod buys luxury goods," Floriane de Saint Pierre, a Parisian fashion-industry headhunter, told the International Herald Tribune."
Und wir kehren zurück zur alten Frage nach Karl Lagerfelds iPod Ansammlung:
"Although at first glance the reader may assume he means a single 40-GB iPod, he meant what he said: He has 40 iPods. Lagerfeld has converted his collection of 60,000 compact discs to a unique iPod storage system, according to a recent report in Womens Wear Daily. Lagerfeld keeps most of the iPods scattered around his various homes, which, in turn, are scattered around the globe."

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