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MacOrama für den 24. Mai 2004

macoramaSecunia weist bei Macworld UK ebenfalls darauf hin, dass Apple's Security Update vom vergangenen Freitag (mit seltsamerweise dem heutigen Datum versehen) nicht die komplette Sicherheitslücke schließt. Alle Hinweise zur behelfsmäßigen Stopfung finden sich aktualisiert hier im fscklog.

Pepsi vergibt in einem Promorahmen in Australien 1008 iPods: "Apple iPod being the smartest street-savvy music tool of the future has relevance to Pepsi’s music heritage and target market. "By joining forces with Apple, we have been able to create the most desirable, largest promotion of its kind within Australia that directly impacts and influences teens."

Think Secret berichtet über die Details der Umstrukturierung bei Apple: "Rubenstein will be joined by Steve Sakoman, who will lead iPod software development, and Tony Fadell (mehr zum 'Vater des iPod' hier im fscklog), who heads up the iPod engineering team. Sakoman is moving to the division from Apple's OS engineering group.[…]Apple's corporate reorg will take effect on Monday, June 7."

Pixar ist immer noch partnerlos und Steve Jobs laut einem IHT Artikel angeblich erstaunlich schüchtern, was Verhandlungen angeht, da er möglicherweise einen erneuten Deal mit Disney bevorzugen würde: "Some say he is holding out hope of another deal with Disney depending on what happens with Michael Eisner, the Disney chief executive. Dissident shareholders tried this year to remove Eisner, whom Jobs has blamed for his breakup with Disney. Others say Jobs has plenty of time to find a distributor and gear up for the 2006 release of the first film that Pixar will finance on its own.[…]One person who has talked to Jobs said he was less inclined to pick a company like Sony because its new music service competes directly with Apple's iTunes, which could make the relationship awkward."

Apple ist heißer Anwärter für den 'Oskar der Kreativindustrie', die Design and Art Direction (D&AD) Awards: "Apple's entire PowerBook range is one of six nominees in the product design category.[…]Apple's iPod is also up for an award. This time for the Art Direction of TBWA/Chiat Day's "yellow, green, pink, purple" advertisement for iPod mini. Apple landed a Silver Award (known as a 'Yellow pencil') for its iMac G4 in the Product Design category in 2003. The iPod took a much-coveted Gold Award in 2002. Apple's iBook and PowerBook G4 Titanium both took Silver Awards that year."

Die fragenaufwerfende iPod Ansammlung des Herrn Torrone.
(via Scoble)

Tom Yager in der Infoworld über Xsan: "I came out of that meeting with two key bits of knowledge. First, Xsan is really a SAN file system, which makes SANs useful and accessible beyond their core capabilities. And second, Xsan is precisely the right way to turn inexpensive disk arrays (like Xserve RAID) into shared, consolidated network storage."

Der Zusammenhang zwischen Mac und Islam im San Francisco Chronicle: "Islam and Mac both started revolutions. Mac is a computer designed to be easy to use. Islam is a religion designed to be easy to use."

Interoperabilität ist nicht nur ein schönes Wort, sondern bei Programmen etwas mehr als Feines. NetNewsWire und ecto werden ab sofort wenig besser miteinander kommunizieren: "One is that with the forthcoming NetNewsWire 2.0 release, you can now set ecto as the external blog editor. You'd be reading a cool feed in NetNewsWire, select a command, and - whoosh - the feed item's link and contents appear in a new entry in ecto. Like it? I sure do. The second one is that at times you may be inserting a new link in your blog entry. Perhaps that link is from a blog and you would like to check up on that blog more often. While in the "Create a Link" dialog, just hit the NetNewsWire button and - whoosh - the newsreader is launched and the url is added as a new subscription. Like it? I sure do.

Und damit die Woche nicht nur rein Mac-zentrisch beginnt:
Futurama Panoramas.
(via Boing Boing)

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
05/24 Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman) is born in Duluth, 1941
(So geht das).

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