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MacOrama für den 06. Mai 2004

macoramaNach dem Bericht eines Xserve G5 Besitzers, der bei xlr8yourmac zitiert wird, scheint der 970FX doch nicht so stromsparend wie erwartet, mit entsprechenden Implikationen auf ein potenzielles PowerBook G5:
"We received our xserve G5 a few days ago. it is the model with one 2.0GHz processor.
theserver-monitor application is pretty much verbose: Vcore of this G5 is 1.32 Volts. when idling it draws about 15 watts (or 11.8amps) (15W/1.32V = appx 11.36A), under 100% cpu-load it draws 44.5 watts or 33.5 amps. (remember this is at 1.32V and using 44.5W/1.32V = appx 33.7A)"

Ein NYT Fotograf über seinen Entscheidungsprozess zwischen 12 und 15" PowerBook:
"Therefore as I contemplate my return to Macs, I am faced with the following decision: a. do I go with the 15 inch - and take advantage of the larger screen and - I assume - superior performance to deal with the oodles of images I'll shoot on a typical Olympic marathon day or b. go with the smaller, lighter 12 inch - sacrificing performance for the smaller laptop that won't be as much of the burden in the oppressive Athenian humid heat."

Bei OSNews wird das Apple Business Mantra aufgesagt:
Kein Low-Price-Mac, keine Fairplay Lizenzierung und weiterhin kostenpflichtige OS Updates.

AppleInsider hat einige Gerüchte zu 10.4 zusammengetragen:
"In October, sources said the company hoped to leapfrog Microsoft to market. (Microsoft's Longhorn operating system is also rumored to feature wider metadata support.) The Mac OS X metadata support would be accompanied by frameworks to distribute metadata and a superior searching system utilizing the metadata, sources said.[…]
Within the next 9 months Apple will also introduce a major revision to Safari, reliable sources said.[…]
According to one source, Apple has been working closely with governmental agencies to tailor a number of powerful Mac OS security advancements that will be fully integrated into the new system."

"Overall, though, Longhorn still had an Apple look to it. I suppose imitation is a form of flattery, after all."
Das wurde von XP ebenfalls behauptet und das Ergebnis dürfte hinlänglich bekannt sein...

David Pogue schreibt in der NYT über Sony's Connect Music Store, der wie erwartet nichts viel neues bietet, außer einem interessanten Punkt:
"A few tendrils of fresh thinking are visible through the six-foot snowbanks of commercialism. You can, for example, specify which musical genre you want to use as your "home page." And if you want to play the songs you have purchased on a second or third computer, you don't have to copy them manually from the first machine; you can download them again directly from Sony Connect without cost, which is handy if you and that second PC happen to be 3,000 miles from home."

Die Lila-iPod mini Auktion (wie im gestrigen MacOrama erwähnt) wurde vom Verkäufer vorzeitig beendet:
"Today my daughter took the lavender mini ipod into the apple store to compare it. The one in the store was a pale pink (also didn't match the cotton candy pink on the box) it was clear that hers is lavender but please be aware that it is a pinkish lavender, not a purple."

Derrick Story über RAW, iPhoto und Mac OS X im MacDevCenter:
" iPhoto does an excellent job of breaking digital photography's chain of pain -- that is, as long as the independent links are JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop, PNG, or a handful of other formats. But RAW files are tugging at our easygoing workflow. As you probably know, iPhoto doesn't support RAW files, at least not directly. So at first glance, it appears that the pain is returning once again."

Der Newton hält sich standhaft, auch als Blog-Tool merkt Leander Kahney bei Wired an:
"At first glance, Apple's Newton is an unlikely candidate for such duties. For a start, Apple discontinued the much-maligned Newton in 1998. It should have gone away, but it is still used by thousands of fans, who have found lots of ingenious ways to keep the hardware and software current."

Die MS-kritische-Mitarbeiter-feuernde-Sicherheitsfirma @stake kritisierte Apple:
"They are not characterizing the issue so that people can make a security decision about it," said Chris Wysopal, vice president of research and development at @Stake, a digital security firm that found the flaw and reported it to Apple. "It seems they think that everyone will update their computers all the time, and that is not the way the world works."

KeyCue (12$) sieht vielversprechend aus:
"KeyCue helps you to use your Mac OS X applications more effectively by displaying a concise table of all currently available menu shortcuts."

Ein MS Manager stellt klar:
"He explained that Microsoft isn't positioning the Portable Media Center as an iPod alternative, but as something more -- the "next big thing" in portable entertainment."

Im PVRblog wird über einen vorhandenen Video Player berichtet, der zudem DivX einsetzt:
"There has been a lot of speculation in the last year about when a personal video player would go mainstream in the US (they're pretty popular in Japan already), and many are waiting for Apple to take the lead and expand the iPod to serve video. Well, as I found out on a recent cross-country flight on Alaska Airlines, the technology is already here and it's pretty useful."

Und: Heute Abend sind Pixar Q1 Quartalszahlen angesagt.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
05/06 Bataan Day in Philippines

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