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MacOrama für den 07. Mai 2004 [Update]

Ein paar weitere Kleinigkeiten über iPod Vater Tony Fadell von Mike Wendland:
"According to friends, family and Silicon Valley lore, Fadell and his team of 35 engineers -- many of them former U-M classmates -- designed the guts of the player using a microprocessor commonly found in cell phones. Jobs, who associates say is indeed a very hands-on CEO, came up with the interface, the way it looks and operates."

'Ein Jahr mit einem Mac' bei OSNews.com:
"The Mac provided a much better experience than any system I've ever used before and none of the above compare, I'd like to stick with a Mac. It's easy and quick to set up and from then on it just does it's job, it does not get in your way or try to annoy you. It's also stable, Yes, I've seen it crash a few times but very rarely. The interface is the best in the business and it comes with some very good applications. This is the way computers should be, right now nobody else even comes close."

Apple Galerie von der drupa.

iBook G4 Graphics Update 1.0, 12MB groß:
"This update is recommended for the 12-inch 1GHz, and 14-inch 1.2GHz iBook G4. It updates the graphics driver to fix a compatibility issue that may exist with applications that use OpenGL."

John Gruber über Probleme mit der 'Energie sparen'-Systemeinstellung, schöne Lektüre zum sinnvollen Vorgehen bei merkwürdigen OS X Wirrheiten.

flo denkt bei den MacGuardians über die Probleme der 90nm-Prozessoren nach (dafür klaue ich einen Satz aus seinem Artikel!):
"Diesmal jedoch scheint praktisch jeder Hersteller mit eben jenen 90nm hartknäckigste Probleme zu haben. Nach IBM und Agilent führen ernsthafte Probleme nun beim prominentesten Chiphersteller, Intel, möglicherweise gar zur Einstellung eines kompletten Chips."

Seit Mittwoch gibt es Build 7H50 von 10.3.4 für die Entwickler, Apple war jedoch nicht allzu glücklich mit der bisherigen Berichterstattung über die vorhergehenden Builds, wie AppleInsider berichtet:
"We recently noticed that after releasing the 10.3.4 7H46 Developer Seed, the contents of Seed Note were leaked. [...] The software is a development build which means there are changes and fixes that on occasion do not make it into the GM release, but the public reads the 'leaked info' and may assume the information is gospel," Apple reportedly told developers in notes accompanying the most recent seed. "Customers will be disappointed and/or may count on false information."
Von 10.3.4 lässt sich jedenfalls folgendes erwarten (und das hoffentlich schon bald):
"A list of key enhancements expected in the final release of Mac OS X 10.3.4 include, improved file sharing and directory services for Mac, UNIX, PPTP, and wireless networks, improved OpenGL technology and updated ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers, improved disc burning and recording functionality, iPods connections via USB 2.0 being properly recognized by iTunes and iSync, additional FireWire audio and USB device compatibility, updated Address Book, Mail, Safari, Stickies, and QuickTime applications, and improved compatibility for third party applications."

Pixar mit ordentlichen Quartalszahlen:
"For the quarter, Pixar earned $26.7 million or $0.46 per diluted share. These results compare to earnings of $8.2 million, or $0.15 per diluted share, achieved in the year-ago quarter, and previous guidance of approximately $0.30 per fully diluted share. Revenues for the quarter were $53.8 million, as compared to $18.7 million in the year-ago quarter.
"Pixar is off to a strong start in 2004 with Finding Nemo's worldwide home video sales already surpassing Monsters, Inc." said Pixar CEO Steve Jobs."

Ein Apple Store Mitarbeiter wurde für den Verkaufsversuch des Genius Bar Zeichens per ebay gefeuert, meldet ifoapplestore.com:
"The sign had been removed by a contractor to install the new modular sign that includes two LCD video screens, and instead of being sent back to Apple, the old sign ended up on the auction block."

HP sucht einen Music Launch Manager, aus dem Jobprofil lässt der HP iPod schon grüßen:
"Clear understanding and ability to deliver within HP's and Apple's brand guidelines."

xlr8yourmac hat weitere Informationen zu Stromverbrauch/Hitze des G5 970FX gesammelt. In einem BBC Interview sagte Greg Joswiak einst, dass man 2 Jahre gebraucht hättte, um den G4 ins PowerBook zu bekommen, wenn ich selbst nachrechne, hat es allerdings zwischen erstem PowerMac G4 und erstem Tibook G4 noch nicht einmal 1,5 Jahre gedauert...

"Steve Jobs, the chairman of both Apple Computer and Pixar Animation, has, along with John Lasseter (whom Jobs calls his "creative sidekick"), been placed a the top of the list of Premiere magazine's annual list of the 100 most influential people in Hollywood. Last year's No. 1, Steven Spielberg, moves down to No. 2. Jobs is Disney dissidents Roy Disney and Stanley Gold's favorite candidate to replace Michael Eisner as chairman of Disney." Von Studio Briefing.

Außerdem Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
05/07 Germany surrenders after WWII, 1945

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