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MacOrama für den 11. Mai 2004 [Update]

QuickTake bei Forrester Research über Steve Jobs: "Roll the tape. The original dream of using digital technology to change the way we live our lives is being fulfilled not by Microsoft and Bill Gates but by . . . Steve Jobs. He has revolutionized the film industry with Pixar. He is the prime mover in the transformation of the music industry. The most successful portable music player by far was his idea. The iLife software suite is an amazing set of integrated applications for controlling music, arranging and storing photos, capturing and editing videos, making movies. GarageBand, Apple's newest software for recording, editing, and arranging music, is drawing a fresh new generation to Apple. Steve Jobs is "The Digitizer."

Man müsste es eigentlich gar nicht erwähnen:
"Nach Wartungsarbeiten durch die T-Com als Betreiber der deutschen Musik-Download-Plattform PhonoLine konnte das System nicht wieder online gehen, heißt es bei den Betreibern. Aus dem Wartungsfenster, das ursprünglich von Mitternacht bis sechs Uhr früh reichen sollte, wurde ein Totalausfall." (bei heise)

Playfair ist zurück und nennt sich nun hymn ((Hear Your Music aNywhere) bemerkte BoingBoing:
"It was hounded off Sourceforge by Apple's lawyers, and then it relocated to a server in India, only to be removed again at Apple's behest. Now it's back a third time, still hosted in India, with a new name."

Wer sich nicht sicher ist:
'Identifying 5400 RPM hard drives in PowerBook G4 computers'.

Call of Duty wird ausgeliefert.

Für .mac Kunden gibt es seit gestern Nacht Backup 2.0.2 per Softwareaktualisierung, 2 MB groß:
"The update offers "performance and stability improvements to scheduled backups," the company said."

"PearPC is an architecture independent PowerPC platform emulator capable of running most PowerPC operating systems."

In den O'Reilly Developer Weblogs freut man sich auf Qmaster für die Pro Video Apps:
"If you look at what Apple's done in the past, once they find a technology that seems to take off, they pursue it like a cheetah chasing down a gazelle. For example, Apple introduced Rendezvous as part of Jaguar, and look where that's propagated to: iChat AV, iTunes, iPhoto, and Safari (plus not to mention where others have used it, like SubEthaEdit).
Apple seems to be pushing the whole distributed computing thread (excuse the pun), what with Xcode doing distributed builds, Qmaster possibly spreading across the Pro App line, and Xgrid grabbing a lot of attention from the scitech market. If prior history counts for anything, it really makes me wonder, what's next?"

Außerdem Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
05/11 Bob Marley dies in his sleep in Miami, 1981
(So geht das).

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