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MacOrama für den 12. Mai 2004

macoramaWired über das Aufstocken des iTMS Katalogs mit vergriffener Musik: "Even Steve himself will occasionally send me an e-mail pointing me in the direction of a missing album or artist that he's looking for, and we'll go and find it," said Alex Luke, director of music programming and label relations for iTunes."

Einiges Interessantes bei MacBidouille. So hat sich Apple angeblich darauf eingelassen die französische 'MP3-Player-Steuer' zu bezahlen:
" This tax is of 15 € on 15 and 20 Go iPods and 20€ on 40 Go.
This shouldn't be incidental on public prices (that is, most of that tax shouldn't be), but will be covered by Apple's margin."
Virgin's Online Music Store soll schon nächste Woche in Frankreich starten, mit Preisen zwischen 0,99 und 1,10 EUR, wohl unter WMA-Verwendung. (Coca-Cola startet übrigens zusätzlich zu seinem UK-Store nun in Österreich)
Und eine Festplatten'wiederbelebung' per Rasierapparatvibrationen.

ConsumerReports.org berichtet einmal mehr von guten Ergebnissen für Apples Telefonsupport:
" Overall, when it comes to technical support for desktop computers, Apple rated significantly better than Dell, while Compaq and HP rated significantly worse. It’s not clear how those other companies handle support; Apple, Compaq, and HP did not comment."
Die Details gibt es allerdings nur gegen Geld.

Reuters über die drei Erfolgsrezepte des iPod mini:
"First, the 1,000-song capacity is at the sweet spot of the market -- not too many songs, but not too few, either. Second, the colors --silver, gold, green, pink or blue -- which Apple has said have been especially popular with women. And, third, the ease of use in using the mini while exercising."

MacFixIt über das PowerBook mit mehr als 1GB RAM + Airport Problem:
"This particular problem appears to be separate from the various AirPort issues we've been covering the past couple weeks. Lending support to the theory that this issue is related to the amount of installed RAM is the fact that, for many users, removing RAM so that the computer has 1GB or less solves the problem -- connections are stable with no drop-outs."

Apple stellt einige interaktive Tutorials auf seiner Pro/Design-Seite bereit, unter anderem zu 'Fonts in OS X' und 'Printing in OS X'.
(via xlr8yourmac.com)

Während MS Office 2004 offenbar ausgeliefert wird, verzögert sich Virtual PC 7 in die zweite Jahreshälfte; TMO:
"In explaining the delay, Sommer said, "This is the first version of Virtual PC for Mac developed by Microsoft. Initially, our development and testing timeline was estimated based on our experience with development of Office. The developing, testing, and bug fix cycle with Virtual PC is longer than that of Office and the testing more vigorous than previous versions of Virtual PC. Because of this, we have adjusted our release timing to match a more realistic schedule."

Steven Frank denkt über die richtige Backup-Strategie nach:
"Not too long ago, it wasn't so hard to just back up your important documents onto a DVD or some CDs, but now I have something like 20 GB of just MP3s and AACs. That's about 5 or 6 DVDs just for the music. If I wanted to back up my whole drive to removable media, I'd need around 20 DVDs and a whole lot of spare time.
There's no question that backups are critical, and if you're not making them, you are going to regret it someday. I've had numerous hard drive failures over the last few years, and while they're always a pain, they're not the devastating losses that they would have been without backups."

In der Schlachtplatte der MacGuardians wurde fuckapple.com verlinkt, was hier natürlich nicht fehlen darf.

Jim Heid warnt vor der 'Erase after transfer'-Option in iPhoto:
"Just for the record: I'm not claiming iPhoto has an importing bug. As far as I know, the problem the original poster described -- and that my friend once encountered -- is extremely rare.[…]
All's I'm sayin' is, to lose photos even once is one time too many. Don't use "erase after import." Why take the chance?"

Starbanner.com über den europäischen iPod mini Graumarkt:
"For years, European buyers have been breaking down traditional retail distribution channels by using online auction sites to buy small electronics goods for lower prices than available locally. Now comes another strain on those distribution channels, with the online gray market giving Europeans access to goods that won't even be available in their home countries for months."

Ein erster Blick auf PulpFiction bei decaffeinated:
"They’re what every company wants you to see in their product launch —the great stuff— and having me harp on about all the great stuff in PulpFiction doesn’t really help anyone; you can get a feature report anywhere, so we’re gonna get right to the part that I like… the part where I say everything sucks and make suggestions as to how this insanity can be overcome. It’s a grand tradition, indeed."
Und die Antwort des Entwicklers im eigenen NSLog.

Für Bloglines und Mozilla/Firefox Nutzer, das Bloglines Toolkit für Mozilla:
"You'll need to restart your browser for the Toolkit to be loaded. Once you do, you'll see a small Bloglines logo in the lower-right hand corner. Right click it to view the preferences. You'll be able to turn on the context menu, indicate how you'd like to open links and enable the Bloglines notifier. Even if you're not sure how you'll like them, try each option and experiment. You might find something you like, and you can always turn them off again later."
Unter OS X funktioniert allerdings der Rechtsklick nicht, man muss sich über Prefs->Extensions->Options zu den Einstellungen bewegen.

Ab Juni als kostenloses Update zu Toast 6:
'Roxio to offer DVD Double Layer burning capabilities'.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
05/12 Florence Nightingale born in Florence, Italy, 1820
(So geht das).

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