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60GB iPod ab Sommer? [Update_3]

Erstaunlich redefreudig war nach einem MacCentral Bericht ein Unternehmenssprecher von Toshiba, der auf der Computex ankündigte, dass die zukünftige eigene 1,8inch 60GB Festplatte in Apple bereits einen fleißigen Kunden gefunden habe. Ab Juli/August soll das Laufwerk in Massenproduktion gehen und wird wohl ohne Zweifel Verwendung im 'größten' iPod finden. Momentan beliefert Tsohiba Apple mit 350.000 seiner 1,8inch Festplatten im Monat. Zu allen anderen fröhlichen Spekulationen über die nächste iPod Generation mehr unter anderem hier im fscklog.

AppleInsider will aus einigen besonders glaubwürdigen Quellen erfahren haben, dass die 4. iPod Generation wohl erst im September vorgestellt werden soll: "As previously reported, the company has been testing prototypes of the new media player, which is said to contained a 2-inch color LCD screen, an improved dock connector (with video-out capabilities), an advanced embedded operating system, and 50GB of hard disk space." Oder doch eben 60GB.

Update_2 03.06.04:
TMO weist vollkommen zu Recht darauf hin, dass es von Toshiba's Seite aus keine offizielle Mitteilung zur neuen Platte, geschweige denn zu Apple als Kunden, gäbe: "When asked to explain the news attributed to its Asian division, Ms. Dalphy said, "We don't really know (why this announcement was made). We don't understand the details, but officially, we have not made an announcement of this product and I can't answer any other questions or even confirm what has been reported." Ms. Dalphy would also not confirm that Apple has already committed to using the new miniature hard drive. "It is our standard policy not to discuss who our customers are that use our products as original equipment add-ons," she said."
Man sieht förmlich Steve Jobs, wie er gestern wutentbrannt zum Telefonhörer griff...

Update_3 03.06.04:
Laut Think Secret war man bei Apple tatsächlich enorm unerfreut, der Vergleich mit der alten ATI-Geschichte liegt dabei auf der Hand: "Sources inside Apple confirmed late Wednesday that company executives are wondering, "what the hell happened? This is a major !@#$&* up and you don't have to be a genius to figure out what is coming next from Apple," said one source close to the iPod maker. "Apple is trying to get answers from Toshiba, but it appears they are just as in the dark as to what happened. Apple is not happy."[…] "Somebody opened their big mouth and either it was taken out of context or was 'off-the-record' or this person really did just confirm it all," said a hard drive industry analyst familiar with how technology companies work business relationships. "There is no good way to handle this now. Toshiba screwed up and it could have major consequences, depending on how upset Steve Jobs is."

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