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Erfahrungsbericht direkt von der WWDC Keynote 2004

Nichts allzu überraschendes heute, neue Displays wie angekündigt und Tiger kommt wohl spätestens Mitte 2005.
Den Live-Mitschrieb aus dem Moscone Center gibt es direkt von Fabian, der mir diesen dankenswerterweise per mail zusendete. Fröhliche Unterhaltung.

Um 9:15 waren etwa 450 Leute in der Schlange, 2nd floor.
9:34, die 2 Rolltreppen in den 3rd floor werden eingeschaltet, jeweils ein Polizist an der Spitze, um Ordnung zu bewahren :-)
(sitze in der 10 Reihe rechts, die 15 Reihen direkt vor der Tribuene sind fuer VIPs)
Kein wireless network, nur computer2computer :-(

9:52, willkommen zur keynote - Leute mit freien Sitzplätzen neben sich sollen sich Richtung Mitte bewegen - heisse Diskussionen in welcher Richtung die Mitte ist :-)
9:57 "alle Kommunikationsgeraete bitte abschalten"
Beatles Musik - spekulation ob es einen Deal mit Apple Music gibt? (with a little help from my friends)
update: am Ende laeuft "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" :-)
etwa 3000 Leute - 15 per Reihe, 18 Reihen per Block, 4 Bloecke nebeneinander, 3 davon hintereinander

10:01 - Applaus STEVE! kein Rollkragen, V-Ausschnitt :-)
Postkarte - Gruesse aus SF
- 3500 developers, 17% increase
- 44 countries, Aruba, Iceland, Peru, Thailand - "some countries I didn't even know existed" ;-)
- 200 sessions

- started 3 years ago, 80 stores now
- 20 Millionen Kunden pro jahr
- $250 millionen Umsatz pro jahr
- seit letzter keynote: Chicago, viele malls, San Francisco, 3 blocks from here, Tokyo

MUSIC 10:05
- 70% market share, now added UK, germany, france
- 62% of global music sale is in these countries
- Airport express (ethernet, USB, Audio out analog/digital) lossless data compression, encrypted, so labels like it (laughter), integrated to iTunes
- beauty of it: intimately linked to iTunes
- ships next month, 129$
- BMW & iPod breakthrough, 3, X5, X3, Z4, mini coopers
- picture: how it works now (laughter, viele viele Kabel)
- new: just 1 cable (control, power, music) - volume, previous, next
- "a lot more coming!!!"

- where we listen to music: computers, iPod, living room, car - got it covered now
- video: (werbespots zusammengehaengt( 700.000 songs and counting iTunes, 10.000 songs iPod, etc.
- BMW slogan: "0-10000 songs in 2 seconds" :-)

10:12 steve back
- 2.5 GHz, Dual in every model, 1.25GHz front-side bus (super important! competitor at 800 MHz), 8x superdrive, starting at $1999
- 3GHz prediction - what happened? complex chip, transition 130->90 nm .... whole industry hit the wall, a lot harder than people thought
- IBM has done really well relative to the industry:
2003: intel 3.2, IBM 2
2004: intel 3.6, IBM 2.5
intel 12.5%, IBM 25%
- we're not thrilled, but pleased - increased performance twice as fast as competition
- in addition, we give you two of them :-)

- best displays in the industry - our competitors buy the panels we reject (laughter)
- old: 17, 20, 23 inch - hottest display in the industry
- 23 inch, new aluminum stand drop dead, phenomenal quality, very thin edges, two USB 2, two firewire
- back of the display looks better than front of most competitors (laughter), $1999
- still just 1 cable, splits into DVI, USB, Firewire, Power - applause from the audience
- power off powerbrick, work with PC, and with powerbooks right out of the box (applause)
- also 20 inch, same quality 1680x1050, $1299
- available in july
! one more thing....
- a huge day in the history of big (laughter)
- largest HD display ever: 30 inch!!!! (appl) looks BIG! 2560x1600 pixels, 4.1million pixels, 77% more than 23 inch
- nice demo picture - eine Berghütte auf der Alm (23inch), dann Berghütte mit Berg & Tal & Aussicht auf 30 inch...
- $3299
- available in August
- need new graphics card - GeForce 6800 graphics card - bild, sieht gross aus! audience: "jesus", Steve: "yeah, I know" :-)
- 1 DVI connection not enough - dual link, 2 DVI! but this is still not enough ->
- "even cooler" - dual dual link!
- 8 million pixels - bilder of golden gate bridge, sydney opera house mit bruecke - looks great, applause

now Demo:
- zwei 23 inch fahren raus, 1 umdrehung - nice
- "let's bring out the 30 inch" - einer aus dem publikum: "yeah, bring it right here" - laughter
- Podest in der Mitte faehrt raus, erst das Podest, dann das Display - sehr schoen
- Steve: "when I first saw it, couldn't talk for a minute" - publikum: "yeah, sure" :-)

- extremely well received, cites reviews
- most successful OS release for Apple ever
- 12 million people use OSX
- 50% of installed base
- 12 000 native applications
- thank you to developers (applause :-)
t- ransition is over! very rare in the industry, there were only 3 major OS transitions:
1. apple II to OS
2. DOS to win 95, when MS finally copied the Mac well enough - laughter
3. OS to OS X
( 4: win 95 to Longhorn, starting in 2006 - or 2007 (laughter) )

talking about software:
- Office - really good (better than windows version...)
- Steve had recently had dinner with bill gates - his company feels that relationship of MBU with apple is better than ever!
- some other companies (logos pop up on the screen:)
- oracle, borland, quark, peoplesoft ("I put PeopleSoft as far apart from Oracle as I could" - laughter)

Bob Bennet, GM of Alias - Maya
Maya: mac is 25% of worldwide sales
alias sketchbook pro
maya unlimited is coming to mac os X, includes maya cloth, hair, fur, fluid effects (used for lord of the rings, final fantasy, gran turismo)
they use openGL, applescript, Xcode
ships late summer

next up: MYST IV, Revelation, Karen Conroe, Ubisoft
- clouds, sky, water, trees: rich and detailed atmoshere
- music: composition from peter gabriel

next up: Guitar Rig, based on Audio units - digital guitar, hw and sw
- can change amplifiers, loudspeakers, virtually
- has the feel and sound of analog gear
- just started shipping

next up: small developer with cool app: orbit
- satellite simulator - 650 actual, unclassified satellites, shows ground coverage with ellipses, shows ground links - pretty cool
- OS X ideal for high performance computing,
- took 3 months to write with xcode and a G4
- freefall - screensaver version available soon

- 5th major relase
- ship a year before longhorn - 1H2005
- "amazing technologies" :-)
- other people are trying to copy panther - and we are having a bit of fun with that (points to the posters outside... laughter)
- 150 new features, some ground breaking, will show about 10
- unix based, as before, OS X is shipping Unix number 1
- tiger is 64 bit VM in any process, 64 system lib, run along with 32bit, LP 64 support in gcc
- fine grain locking (smp), access control listts, built in Xgrid
- better player in windows world, better smb, kerberos and NTLMv2 ("whatever that is" - laughter)
- word tables in text edit

- most revolutionary feature - years ahead of longhorn - we did what they were talking about
- we had file folders - then lots of file folders (Bild mit hunderten von Ordnern... laughter)
- easier to find somthing on the web with google than on your own harddisk
- we realized: problem already solved: iTunes - we had solved it - have 10000 of songs, can find everything in a second
- spotlight - can find eg. all wwdc planning documets, all cmyk images at 1200 dpi for client xyz, etc.
- supports standard formats, extensible
- we have integrated spotlight into apps - finder, address book, mail, system prefs

10:46 demo spotlight & finder: 100 000 files
- find all pixar files from 2003 (using information not only from file name, but eg. in movie meta tags (copyright information!)
- all iMac related images last viewed this week with CMYK color space
- can add queries as smart folder (like smart list in iTunes)! nice - applause
demo spotlight & address book:
- smart groups in address book, like all people in Paris - very cool!
- another one: all people with birthday in the next 7 days! highlights when new added
demo spotlight & mail
- mail search really really fast!
- can have smart mailboxes: all yosemite related mails
really cool
demo spotlight & sys prefs
- can type topics, it highlights the relevant pref panes, nice graphical effect
- (uses windows words, or synonyms - 802.11b, airport, wifi, all highlight same, or desktop picture vs wallpaper)

10:52 demo spotlight system wide:
- give me everything about bertrand! - mails, documents, calendars, calendar books
- can do that!!! systemwide: little magnifying glas in top right, show all contacts, movies, pictures, etc
- can open extra window, can sort by people, by kind, by date, etc -very cool!!!
- "Now something really cool!" (laughter)
- search for "halfdome", found in a .pdf document (map of yosemite park), automatically indexes it, and finds it that fast
giving us an SDK today, can start developing today

H.264 10:56
- next generation mpeg 4, standard for high def DVDs
- scales from HD to cell phones
- industry standard, non proprietary, open
- built into quicktime

demo: invites frank casanova "check out what we can do"
- clip of troy, mpeg 4, h.264 at 1500kbps
- "efficiency of this is incredible"
- "this codec can do everything"
- at same data rate as DVD today, we can do hdtv, demo with squence from troy
- "this codec is not afraid of anything - dark black, bright white, windows media - bring it on" (laughter)
- Steve: "don't know what is more imipressive - this codec or frank's sweater"... :-)

SAFARI 11:01
- new thing: RSS
- integrated into safari, detects RSS offerings, personal clipping service - search for specific topic from many RSS sites
- can store query as smart bookmarks
demo: go to hotnews, RSS icon pops up, can look at it as RSS, sort by date, title, source, etc.
- (mentions Lufthansa SF-munich, iChat AV)
- iTunes has RSS feed
- can group feeds together
demo: types ipod bmw in google, lots of old stuff, google is ok, but takes a few days to update index
- new search field - do the search in RSS, get lots of news

hehe: types in cheney "lots of (articles with) the F-word" (laughter, "yeah" from the audience)

- professional audio is done, now professional image
- processing is done in the GPU, they are still getting higher performance (while CPU performance is flattening out)
- image units and video units, so developers can extend it

demo: phil schiller gives a demo of core image and core video
- "some of the most advanced technology i had ever the opportunity to play with"
- little app just to play with - a picture and a floating palette to apply filters etc.
- color saturation, gaussian blur, real time, smooth, in every app! real time fluid bump distortion - nice
- glass distortion, calculation in a fraction of a second, moves "glass" around in realtime - applause

- transitions built in - moves between tiger and lion (next revision?) really nice!
- can add efects
- building "electric zebra" - a few twists and twirls, a trunk, edge detect, saturate - neon zebra :-)
- add an "Electric Zebra" text, can apply effects to text, looks very cool
- all this built in the OS!!!
- all live and active, not destructive! demo: moves around some effects in realtime, with all the other ones one top, it all goes through in realtime!
- core image dynamically compiles a program that is optimized for this sequence of filters, and this hardware!! very cool

ALL THOSE EFFECTS ALSO APPLY TO VIDEO - REALTIME! wow - demo is similar to "Motion" demo
- real time edge detection! amazing! applause
- plus text layer
- all incorporated in the OS
- one person week of programming for this little demo app! applause
- you are getting an SDK today
- jobs wants adobe to integrate this, so mac version blows competition away

- 500 000 subscribers
- sync engine right in tiger
- .mac pref panel: one checkbox and address book, dock, iCal, mail, etc. can synch across machines!
- SDK today

- expose for widgets written in javascript (sort of konfabulator)
- demo: SWEET effects! - drags in itunes controller, get some nice ripple effect on the screen, as if dropped into shallow water
- iTunes controller, plays some Alicia Keys, webcam, shark cam from monterey aquarium (shark swims through), stocks, calculator, memo
- come and go - zoom out and get transparant, demoes slowly - nice, applause
- SDK today

- "really cool app" - "visual scripting"
- interactive, fully automated scripts, shared scripts
- access to iLife, Mail, Safari, iCal (whispering in the audience: viruses??)
- demo: he gets pictures from uncle's website, pulls them to desktop, collect, rename, burn to DVD, lot of work
- now, with automator: build a workflow, visually, can then modify preferences in place
drag "internet/find linked images" to workflow, modify preferences
drag "internet/download internet files", automatically linked together
drag "iphoto/import fotos to iphoto", choose to delete downloaded images
drag "iDVD/new DVD slideshow", 3 sec pause, cube transition
- now, just click run - it goes and does it! nice! applause - "it is that simple, it really is!"
- here is the best part - save the workflow, use it again, integrate it to mail, safari, etc:
- just go to webpage, click on "Burn to DVD" (in new menu top right), and it does it... applause
- SDK today

11:34 Steve: "the most amazing of all!"
- personal video conferencing, huge success (brummeln im publikum)
- video conf now with H264
- video conf now with 3 people simultaneous
- audio conf with 10
demo: audio conf with danika, phil and bertrand
- phil: "where are you?" (laughter)

Steve: "Video conference: are we going to do this with 3 sep windows, how everyone else would do it? no!"
- add bertrand, und phil - fantastische 3D composition! WOOHOO!!!! cool - huge applause!
- bertrand, phil drop off - pretty danika stays, audience is happy :-) tres chic!

- 150+ features, 64 bit, even better window citizen, Spotlight (search), H264, Safari RSS, Core Image, .mac/sync, Dashboard (expose for widgets), Automator, iChat
- "we are going to zoom right past the competition!" quotes the posters:
"Redmond, we have a problem", "Redmond, start your photocopiers", "Introducing Longhorn"
- shipping 1H2005 - more than a year before Longhorn!
- developers are getting a copy today! woohoo!

11:42 over

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