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MacOrama für den 02. Juni 2004

macoramaApple's Losless Encoder stößt auf Gegenliebe und nährt zugleich Spekulationen: "Apple avoided using FLAC in part because its own method would be able to maintain control over music copying if it were used for iTunes Music Store audiophile releases. I'm just guessing, but I expect Apple to add lossless audiophile albums to the iTunes Store before long." The Post-Standard.

MacNewsWorld berichtet über das American Film Institute (AFI) in LA, welches unter anderem David Lynch zu seinen Schülern zählen durfte: "With its emphasis on hands-on learning, AFI can't waste time on bad technology, so according to the school, there's no question what the preferred OS is. Here, it's Mac all the way."

Analysten, die zu Gerüchteküchen mutieren, so z.B. Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster: "While we do not have evidence of the existence of these products, we have heard rumors that they may be in development: 30" monitor, desktops in various colors (likely iMac), and color screen iPod." Bei Macminute.

Microsoft UK schnappt sich den Chef-Anwalt von Apple UK, prekärerweise um die Verteidigung des Unternehmens im Kartellverfahren der EU zu leiten: "Apple Computers has lost its senior UK lawyer to arch rival Microsoft UK, as Chris Parker joins the IT giant as law and corporate affairs director." Bei The Layer.

Zwar nicht ganz tagesaktuell, aber sicher trotzdem für den ein oder anderen interessant, ein Artikel über die Drucktauglichkeit von in 10.3 erstellten .pdf-Dateien: "This is not to say that one cannot get a print-worthy PDF file from a standard Apple application. Apple is said to have licensed Adobe's own Normalizer for PDF conversion within the Preview 2.10 application. Indeed, in my testing, a PostScript file, properly saved from the application (with fonts and high resolution images embedded, and saved using an appropriate printer "driver," such as Adobe PDF) opened in Preview does result in a "print-worthy" PDF file. When such a file is viewed in Acrobat Document Properties, the PDF Producer is listed as  PSNormalizer.framework."
Inklusive schöner Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung zum richtigen PDF-Anlegen unter 10.3 (natürlich als .pdf zum Download)

MacFixIt glaubt den Grund für die Airport-Probleme bei PowerBooks mit über 1GB RAM gefunden zu haben: "Only 30 of the 32 address lines were connected. That's 1 GB. If the AirPort Extreme tries to access (DMA) higher addresses, it fails and shuts down and you get no notice and no way to remedy it other than switching to ethernet or restarting." Kann allerdings leider auch keine Abhilfe bieten.

'Do you use Mac OS X's Stickies Application?' - Aber sicher!

Business Week über iPod/iTMS: "The iPod may yet become what Kleenex is to tissues or Jell-O is to gelatin desserts, but Jobs has much more work to do to make that happen." und über Mac Office 2004: "I believe that for ease of use, reliability, and security, Mac OS X is the best desktop operating system available today. Still, the Mac is not a good choice if you depend heavily on a Windows-only application. But with a more compatible version of Office, plus Virtual PC to run the occasional Windows program, the Mac should get new life in business. It has definitely earned the chance."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
06/02 First issue of Computerworld, 1967
(So geht das).

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