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MacOrama für den 10. Juni 2004

macoramaInterview mit Martin Pittenauer von den CodingMonkeys im DrunkenBlog:
We may have Apple Stores, but I've heard that Germans serve beer in their movie theaters, and a former roomie used to have a German girl who'd visit who thought nothing at all of sunbathing topless on our patio. When questioned about this behavior, she intimated that it was fairly normal behavior there. One would think Macs would be more popular in such a beautiful culture. Why do you think Apple struggles so much outside of the USA for share?
The grass is always greener on the other side, I guess... ;)
I'm not sure what keeps Apple from getting a (slightly) bigger market share in Germany. Most certainly it has to do with getting a bigger mind share, which currently increases thanks to the success of iPod, iTunes and (hopefully beginning next week) iTMS. Some people start realizing that the guys that make these wonderful music players also make computers and customers searching for quality computing solutions should be drawn to Apple. I think Apple Germany should invest more in marketing to exploit this "iPod-phenomenon", e.g. placing a few TV ads would be a good start.

Mit den neuen Power Macs findet ein neuer Setup Assistent Einzug in OS X, der zur schnellen 'System Migration' führen soll. Prinzipiell funktioniert das über den FireWire Target Disk Mode und die Möglichkeit die Daten aus dem angeschlossenen alten Rechner dann über Auswahl im Setup Assistenten bequem an die adäquaten Stellen im neuen Power Mac zu befördern. MacFixIt liefert Details und Screenshots:

Apple's Spoken Interface Technologie, die höchstwahrscheinlich in 10.4 Tiger zu finden sein wird, kann von Interessierten (die den Fragebogen ausgefüllt hatten) in einer Testversion heruntergeladen werden: "Apple's email to customers says that "in addition to speaking the contents of documents, the spoken interface speaks a description of all the activities taking place on the computer, such as which applications are running, how many windows are open, and much more. You can also control your computer using only the keyboard." Bei MacNN.

Für die 37% Windows Nutzer unter den fscklog-Lesern: " So, you wanna make your ugly Windows XP interface look like Mac OS X, huh? It’s really not all that difficult to do, and with a little luck, you’ll be able to convince all but the most die-hard Mac users that you run an Apple computer." Tutorial bei Engadget.

Um die ursprüngliche G5 Kampagne ('the world's fastest computer') gibt es immer noch HickHack, die UK basierte Advertising Standards Authority beschäftigte sich gerade wieder mit entsprechenden Beschwerden: "It found that the independent tests Apple ran against competing Dell PCs to arrive at the claim, "showed the Power Mac G5 was faster than the other two processors on some applications under certain conditions, but not that it was the fastest processor in all circumstances for all applications".[…] The ASA did agree, however, that the Power Mac G5 was the first 64-bit processor available for a personal computer. The ASA felt that others on the market before the G5 where not for personal computing, and accepted Apple's argument that its G5 was indeed the first-ever 64-bit desktop." Bei Macworld UK. Mehr zu den zurückliegenden Fällen hier im fscklog.

MacBidouille über die Non-3GHz-PowerMacs: "So to say, we really think people have to make up their minds now. If unkept promises disappointed us, we really had much more reasons for that when the G4 line stayed stuck for 18 months or so at 500 MHz."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
06/10 First Apple II shipped, 1977
(So geht das).

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