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iPod mini Farben erklärt (+iPodminiZombieModels)

Manch einer mag zögern, bevor er den Apple Store Tokyo betritt. Sei es wegen der dort vertretenen seltsamen iPodminiZombieModels:
Oder sei es wegen der beängstigenden Reportermeute: "the two young men at the head of the line refused to enter because of the small army of reporters waiting inside to greet them. The two men, who began queuing at 5 p.m. the day before, were intimidated by the cameras, they said."
Manch einer mag auch zögern bei der Auswahl der iPod mini Farbe, da kommt gelegen, dass zumindest Apple Japan einen handlichen Style Guide zur richtigen Farbwahl anbietet.
"The site says that green is "Not decorative, but assertive. Gentle, but with vitality. For those types of casual people." Pink is for "the energetic and active young woman who coordinates." Both colors are drawing the emphasizing the divide between the high speed and are more fit for the slow, casual life style it seems." Zu lesen bei TechJapan.

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