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MacOrama für den 03. Juli 2004

macoramaEin Wired Artikel über Spotlight, in dem unter anderem Ken Bereskin ("Ken Bereskin, Apple's director of Mac OS X product marketing, said Spotlight has been a couple of years in development -- before Panther -- and incorporates several complex system technologies. Bereskin said the system was inspired by the speedy search engine in iTunes, which instantly returns results as soon as the user starts typing: whether the match is in the song's title, album, genre or artist fields.") und Norbert Heger, der LaunchBar Entwickler zu Wort kommen: "If it's implemented well, Spotlight may become an extremely interesting technology," Heger said. "It's obvious that with the growing amount of data that's stored on today's computers, it becomes more and more important to have the means to search this plethora of information in an efficient manner."

Tony Smith packt bei The Register ein wenig Verschwörungstheorie zum September iMac aus: "No, it all points to a carefully considered strategy designed to whet Mac fans' appetites for whatever's coming in September. Quite apart from the addition of a G5 CPU, speculation has stretched to a completely new enclosure and the revival of the old tablet rumour."

Vollkommen sinnloser iTunes 'Trick' bei macosxhints.com: "Open the iTunes Music Store in iTunes. In any of the horizontal album-cover sections (New releases, Exclusives, Pre-Releases, Just Added, Staff Favorites), hold shift and click the blue arrow at either end of the panel. Ooh aah."

Die vor kurzem erst bekanntgegebene PlugIn Schnittstelle von Mozilla, Opera, Apple, Sun und Macromedia, dürfte in einem Zusammenhang mit Dashboard stehen, worauf Dave Hyatt hinweist: "One reader of my previous entry (in the trackbacks) expressed concern that only Dashboard widget apps could execute native code. Well, we have an answer to that as well. You see, we're working with other browser vendors to extend the plugin API to add scriptability."

Secunia meldet: "Multiple Browsers Frame Injection Vulnerability". Das betrifft auch Safari: "A 6 year old vulnerability has been discovered in multiple browsers, allowing malicious people to spoof the content of websites."

Heute gibt es mal einen gänzlich unkorrekten Fehler bei Fehler10.

Jon Lech Johansen merkt an, dass möglicherweise auch Musikverlagshäuser gerne mal auf hymn zurückgreifen: "I work for major music publisher. We buy and convert files from ITMS as it's cheaper than buying a whole CD from a one-stop when we need a master of a song we control. Would love to have it AppleScriptable so I can incorporate Hymn into our creative system."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
07/03 Franz Kafka born, 1883
(So geht das).

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