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MacOrama für den 09. Juli 2004

macoramaDie flüssig gekühlten Power Macs laufen laut AppleInsider schon unter 10.3.5, was nach wie vor vollkommen unspezifiziert als signifikantestes 10.3 Update bezeichnet wird. Außerdem: eMac Bestand ist knapp und neue iPods kommen so im September.

Im Guardian wird erklärt, warum ein niedriger Marktanteil nicht zwingend negativ ist: "The Windows platform is the default with an undifferentiated audience. The Macintosh user base is self-selecting. As in the media world, there is room for both to make money. Jobs has created a compelling case for more developers to invest in the Mac. He is even keeping Microsoft - whose Mac business unit is a great success - happy. The magic really is working."

The Dashboarder: "The Dashboarder is the original and most complete archive of Apple Dashboard Gadgets (widgets) on the internet." Momentan genau 4, aber fängt ja schonmal gut an.
(via MacMegasite)

Langsam wird es langweilig:
(via Engadget)

News bites bei Think Secret, unter anderem wird die iMac Ankündigung am 31.08. zur Expo Keynote vorhergesagt, mit einer Auslieferung ab Mitte September (dafür brauchts nun wirklich keine 'sources').

Reuters über Apple's Investoren: "Once seen as a value play that traded at little above its cash value, Apple's stock is now attracting long-term and momentum investors sold on Chief Executive Steve Jobs' vision of the company as a high-margin style-setter at the hub of an emerging "digital lifestyle."

Neben allerhand Kritik zu Apples Verhalten den Indies gegenüber im Rahmen des iTMS Europa Starts, gibt es ebenfalls positive Berichte: "For his part, Arnold said iTMS and other services are promoting music that was previously ignored either because of a lack of commercial appeal or limited distribution opportunities. At the same time, both online music stores and the major labels will have to do more to expand online marketing to consumers, Arnold said." Bei MacNewsWorld.

Jason Snell schreibt über Automator: "One of the side benefits of Automator's arrival will be increased pressure on developers to make their programs AppleScript-savvy, since that's going to be the best way to make them usable by Automator. Lots of major Mac applications are scriptable, but there are still some stunning omissions from companies you would expect to be onboard with AppleScript (I'm looking at you, Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro). The more people who take advantage of scripting via AppleScript or Automator, the more reasons there will be for laggard non-scriptable Apps to get with the program."

Und große Überraschung: ein frischer Fehler. Heute mal verwirrend (zumindest für mich).

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
07/09 10-hour working day set by law, NH, 2004 1847
(So geht das).

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