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Mit den Dashboard Widgets spielen

Wer schon gerne mal vorab die Dashboard Widgets/Gadgets ausprobieren möchte, kann diese bei The Veland Show finden:
"What’s even cooler is that I was able to extract the gadgets that came with the WWDC-preview and make them available for you. Right here, right now. On the web." Ausprobieren lassen sich diese idealerweise mit Safari. Allerdings sind nicht alle voll funktionstüchtig, was der Nettigkeit jedoch keinerlei Abbruch tut. (via Kermit the Blog)
Dave Hyatt erklärt derweil noch etwas mehr zu Dashboard: "Just to prove a point that there are many ways to think about this new feature, here's another take on what Dashboard is. From a browser geek's perspective, the Dashboard is a collection of HTML sidebar panels liberated from the browser window and placed anywhere on your screen. The "Web pages as widgets" concept is really just a logical extension of the Web sidebar panel metaphor fused with Expose." Bei Backup Brain sind man darin Ähnlichkeiten zu Hypercard (was mindestens den Schockwellenreiter erfreuen dürfte): "It's about all of us, programmer and non-programmer, scripter and non-scripter, being able to, for the first time, create little useful applications on our own Macs, using simple code and markup (i.e., HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; i.e., not AppleScript) that we probably already know something about, and then being able to share those widgets with anyone who has Tiger."

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