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Zwei weitere Installationsberichte von 10.4 Tiger DP

Den ersten liefert AppleInsider (und davon Teil 1): "Overall, sources said that this first developer preview of Tiger was very snappy and responsive, even while running on a G3 processor. However, it should be noted that clean installs of any Mac OS system will tend to run noticeably faster than systems containing hundreds of applications and thousands of files."
Der zweite findet sich bei macosXrumors: "Once Mac OS X has booted, it starts the indexing of all your hard drives, this can take really a long time and it consumes a lot of system resources. It can't be compared to the indexing method of Mac OS 9 thought because, once it has finished the initial indexing, it will index file as they are created."
Gestern hatte ich bereits einen weiteren verlinkt.

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