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MacOrama für den 17. August 2004

macoramaVor kurzem plauderte erst ein ehemaliger PortalPlayer Manager bei Wired über die Entstehungsgeschichte des iPod, nun kommen ein paar spärliche und grundsätzlich schon bekannte Details zu Pixo ans Licht, gegründet von dem ehemaligen Apple Mitarbeiter Paul Mercer: "After weeks of hammering out the business side of the deal, Pixo was on board to help Apple create an operating system that would run the user interface of the iPod." (via Macworld UK)

AppleInsider mit internen Dokumenten über Apple's Pixel Policy: "While a final inspection reportedly takes into account the proximity of faulty pixels to one another as well as location, in general Apple deems 3 bright subpixels to be acceptable on LCD displays that ranges from 12.1 inches to 15.2 inches in size. Meanwhile, on a 17-inch to 20-inch LCD, the company finds 4 bright subpixels, 6 dark subpixels, or a combination of 8 bright and dark subpixels to be acceptable."
Das gabs schonmal vor langer Zeit in ähnlicher Form (zu Zeiten als das MacOrama noch ein kleines o besaß und knapp gehalten wurde).

Die Prudential Equity Group warnt vor weiteren Produktionsverzögerungen bei IBM und den entsprechenden Auswirkungen für Apple, was momentan die Power Macs betrifft und möglicherweise zu weiteren Verzögerungen beim iMac G5 führen könnte: "Though financial impact should be modest, we caution that upside to numbers looks difficult, and in fact, there is potentially some risk of sales/earnings-per-share shortfall," said Prudential." Bei Forbes.com (via MacMinute)

Eine neue iSight soll bald kommen, nur wird diese wohl gar nicht so neuartig sein: "Given the incremental improvements that webcams go through, Think Secret believes the new iSight will simply contain updated mounting hardware to attach magnetically to Apple's new displays, as noted on this Apple page.

Jason Snell wundert sich, wie er via AirPort Express DTS/Dolby Digital zu seiner Anlage bekommt: "I get the sneaking suspicion that iTunes 4.6 doesn't actually support these features, and that we're all waiting for the other shoe to drop. Unless someone out there can tell me how to add a DTS file into iTunes, that is."

Grant McCracken über DRM und Eigentum (und den iTMS): "Of all the identity suppliers, music is the most potent, more than homes, more than clothes, and, yes, more than bicycles. We may not need to own our music outright, and indeed as our tastes expand and our library grows, outsourcing the task of choosing, storing, managing, and delivering music makes more and more sense. But we will never cease to think of our music as our music, as something we must own."

Und natürlich ein excellenter Fehler.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
08/17 Mae West born, 1892
(So geht das).

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