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MacOrama für den 24. August 2004

macoramaDie amerikanischen Kunden sind immer zufriedener mit ihrem Mac: "Apple is an interesting story. It has advanced from a position of being last in the personal computer industry in customer satisfaction (1998, ACSI score 69) to the top industry position today (ACSI score 81, a 17 percent improvement). "I don't think we have ever seen a company go from last to first in the ACSI," Fornell said." Bei MacMinute. Ein wenig mehr dazu von Dennis Sellers: "Going in the opposite direction is Hewlett-Packard. At one time a leader in customer satisfaction, H-P dropped below the industry average for the first time a year ago. The acquisition of Compaq in 2002 has not made a significant positive impact on its ACSI score."

"According to reliable sources, Apple Computer's Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" OS will introduce developer support for resolution independent user interfaces (UI), breaking the software assumption that all display output is to be rendered at 72 dots per inch (DPI). The new Quartz-driven technology will soon let users choose between viewing more detail (more pixels per point, but fewer points on the screen) or a larger user interface (fewer pixels per point but more points on the screen) without altering the resolution of the computer's display." ist bei AppleInsider zu lesen und die Icons sollen ebenfalls (noch) größer werden.
Außerdem: Core Audio. "Sources close to Apple say that the new version of Core Audio will introduce two new audio units, aggregate device support, nonnative audio file format support, and other tools that let developers perform live mixing and playback of audio content."

"I'm over my Harman/Kardon desk speakers. They sound nice, but are really nothing special to look at. Time for a replacement. A pair of these little guys from Kid Robot would do just fine." Bei Josh Rubin.

DarfaufkeinemMacmitOSXfehlenProgramm TinkerTool liegt nun in Version 3.3 vor und bringt nette Neuigkeiten mit:
"# A preference control for Panther was added to accelerate the animation of opening and closing sheets.
# A preference control for Panther was added to reduce the time Safari uses to delay the display of page content while a page is loading.
# A preference control for Panther was added to skip checksum verification when opening DMG files.
# A preference control for Panther was added to insert an eject symbol for optical disks into the menu bar. This feature is useful for computers containing more than one optical disk drive or having a keyboard without eject key.
# The feature known from Mac OS X 10.0 to disable all functions of the Desktop was added to Panther again on customer request.
# On customer request, the preference control to define keyboard shortcuts for menu items was enabled for Panther, too.
# Several small changes to the user interface have been added.
# The uninstall application for old TinkerTool 2 modules in System Preferences is no longer part of the distribution package. It can now be downloaded separately"

Angeblich hat Apple ab Anfang September einen Chief Musical Officer (CMO) namens Gary Stewart (Ex-Senior Vice President of A&R bei Rhino Records), schreibt zumindest musikmarkt.de. Offizielle Bestätigung steht aus.
(Danke an Roger!)

"In a small office we needed a table that could make room for 3 Apple fans and their PowerBooks. So we came up with the idea of the Apple Table and Lamp." Bei PowerPage.org .

Die Fehlererwähnung spare ich mir heute einfach mal, dafür hätte ich allerdings seit langem mal wieder eine Gmail Einladung zu vergeben.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal:
08/24 British troops burn Washington, 1814
(So geht das).

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