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MacOrama für den 26. August 2004

macoramaRael Dornfest hat eine Übergangslösung zusammengebastelt, mit der sich das Nokia 7610 (welches sehr zu meiner Verärgerung eben nicht von iSync 1.5 unterstützt wird) zumindest halb automatisiert mit den eigenen Adressen befüllen lässt: "So I spent a little time with a couple-three apps and hacked together a pro-tem solution that'll hold me over for long enough to try out the snazzy, thin, 1.2 megapixel-powered 7610."

Gary Allen berichtet konstant weiter aus Osaka: "The front glass doors slide outward to open, and they did several times while I was there--but only about 12-14 inches so a worker could squeeze in and out. I could see some of the typical furniture, computers, etc. Apple's Web site hasn't posted the traditional collection of interior photographs. So...the secret of the glass staircase and other interior details is still a secret." Inklusive Sunset/Sunrise Video (und Fotos):

Der HPiPod könnte am 05. September erscheinen, so zumindest eine anonyme Quelle gegenüber MacRumors: "Body color is expected to be in 'HP Blue'. Distribution channels are not clear yet, but the digital jukebox will be available on hpshopping.com on the 5th, with support training for 24/7 support starting on August 30 before launch."

Zwar noch in sehr jungem Stadium, aber äußerst vielversprechend: Feedreader Newsfire 0.1 (vom Acquisition und Inquisitor Entwickler). Ein wenig mehr dazu auch im powerbook_blog.
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Kleine Browserupdates:
Camino 0.8.1
#Fix for four possible security vulnerabilities in Gecko
# Upgrade to Mozilla 1.7.2 Gecko engine
# Disable prebinding on MacOS X 10.3.x which would cause substantial hard drive activity at startup
# Several fixes to improve localization

OmniWeb 5.0.1
"OmniWeb 5.0.1 corrects an issue with the History Indexing feature which allows you to search through your visited pages using only keywords you remember having appeared on the web page. This release also updates the libpng library used in OmniWeb for rendering PNG (Portable Network Graphics) images, addressing several vulnerabilities as described in US-CERT Security Alert TA04-217A."

Neuigkeiten von gestern zu MS und seinem Music Store vom Rolling Stone: "One source close to the matter says that Microsoft has made several overtures to Apple to make its store compatible with the industry-leading iPod but has been rebuffed."

"Das neue Motorola-Handy E398, das exklusiv von T-Mobile vertrieben wird, soll Handy-Nutzern den Hörgenuss unterwegs eröffnen und den Kauf eines gesonderten MP3-Players ersparen." Ist bei heise zu lesen und man hofft auf erheblich attraktivere iTunes-Motorola-Geräte.

Und natürlich ist heute der Acrobat-Fehlertag.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal:
08/26 19th amendment of US constitution gives women the vote, 1920
(So geht das).

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