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MacOrama für den 27. August 2004

macoramaDer hPod wird wohl doch schon heute im Rahmen einer Pressekonferenz von Carly Fiorina enthüllt, dürfte am frühen Nachmittag über die Bühne gehen.
"The expectation on the iPod is that HP's version will probably outsell Apple's version relatively quickly," Enderle (wer sonst?) said, due to HP's broad distribution at electronics retailers." Meldet Reuters.
"Tomorrow you've got HP doing their consumer electronics launch and the HP iPod launch, and next week there's the introduction of the new iMac," said Shannon Cross, an analyst at Cross Research.[…] "Even if they have issues with availability of chips in the near-term due to IBM, there's remarkable demand," she said. "Obviously, at some point the chip issue is going to be resolved and you'll be left with a good amount of pent-up demand." Ebenfalls Reuters.
Im Rahmen eines Druckcontests vergibt HP zudem massiv Apple Hardware: "15-inch PowerBook G4, Power Mac 5 GHZ (sic!); 20-inch iMac G4 und iPod Mini (via MacMinute).

Gary Allen weiterhin in Osaka und darauf hatte ich mich insbesondere gefreut:
(lädt momentan allerdings ziemlich langsam)
Und ebenfalls schon zu sehen, die Glaswendeltreppe: "Ah, the glass staircase! It has 24 glass treadles, or steps, angled into a 270-degree near-circle. It begins from a two-step-up, stone platform, angles left, and then joins up with a 10-foot long glass bridge before reaching the second floor. The most compelling part of the staircase, perhaps, are the huge, glass side panels for the interior and exterior wall of the stairs, which is a visual and design marvel. You'll find yourself wondering they were made, and how they was transported to the store for installation without breaking."
Die Schlange nimmt ebenfalls bereits ihren Lauf: "The first person in line from Japan arrived at 5:40 a.m., followed by Devin from the United States at 5:50 a.m. They have placed traffic-type cones on the outside portion of the sidewalk to prevent people from parking bikes and motorcycles there.[…] At 2 p.m. there are 15 people in line, in contrast to the 12 who overnighted at Ginza."

Die NYT über den iPod/iTunes Shuffle Modus: "When confronted with such elaborate theories, Stan Ng, Apple Computer's director of iPod product marketing, laughed. "The funny thing about it is that it really is random," he said. "When you turn on Shuffle Songs, it creates a randomized list of all the music on your iPod without repeating a song."

Weitere Flüssigkühlungsfotos (war ja eigentlich schon mehr als genug davon zu sehen) der Dual 2,5GHz Variante finden sich hier. (Danke an Bernd für den Hinweis.)

Apple drängt wohl nicht nur mit dem iPod selbst an die Unis, sondern: "In an effort to prevent illegal file sharing on campus, Florida State University is on the verge of finalizing a deal with Apple Computer, Inc. -- a deal that would provide free iTunes software to students and allow them to download music for 99 cents per song." Das lässt sich allerdings problemlos auch ohne Uni-Deal haben (via MacMinute).

Mike Wendland erklärt, warum der Sidekick II macfreundlich ist: "You open up your desktop contact list, export it as a text file and then go to a special Web page Danger gives you when you activate your account. Click a button and it downloads that file from your desktop, organizing it and then sending it via a wireless phone connection back to the Sidekick. Very cool. Very user friendly and not platform prejudiced."

Paul Murphy, der sich bereits mit der Intelligenzfrage der verschiedenen Plattform-Nutzer auseinandersetzte ("...dass Mac-Nutzer nicht zwingend schlauer sein müssen als die Windows Fraktion, aber immerhin schreiben sie ein besseres Englisch"), klärt diesmal im detaillierten Vergleich, ob Macs wirklich kostspieliger sind als Windows PCs: "So, bottom line, are PCs cheaper than Macs? No, despite what you read in the PC press, it's the other way around. Compare Apples to apples, and Macs are cheaper than PCs."

"Sprint and Apple today announced that Apple’s Xserve G5 and QuickTime software have been certified as mobile multimedia delivery platforms for Sprint’s new PCS Vision Multimedia Services. The technology enables professional content service providers to deliver streaming audio and video clips to Sprint customers. The streams are available to customers using recently announced Sprint Vision Multimedia Services." Pressemeldung, feine Sache.

"The companies behind the alternative to the so-called Induce Act want to restrict the scope of the proposed bill, which would essentially make companies liable if their software or technology encourages users to violate copyright laws.[…] Critics of the Induce bill have argued that, in its current form, it could be used as the basis of a copyright infringement case against a company like Apple on grounds that its popular iPod digital music player encourages owners to copy music, perhaps without permission." Meldet AP.

AirPort Express Update 4.0.1; 1,1MB groß: "Improvements to Profiles support in the AirPort Admin Utility und Improve handling of WEP keys with third-party access points."

"Do you have a lot of stuff in your mailbox? Never clean it out? Well, if you leave too much stuff in there you might find yourself saying, "My stuff! It's... GONE?!" Don't worry, all those things you had in Mail are not history. Your stuff hasn't really gone anywhere, but the Mail mailbox may appear empty if you let several hundred MB of messages and attachments (or more!) pile up, regardless of how much free space is on your hard disk." Aus der Knowledge Base und nur halbberuhigend.

Wieder einmal eine Werbeagentur, die die (ur)alte Weisheit missachtete, niemals Dinge auf Computerbildschirmen falsch darzustellen, oder: 'Jetzt auch per Photoshop+iSight super Videochats möglich.'

Apple tastet sich sanft nach China: "Chinese MUG (Macintosh User Group) Beijing Macintosh Union recently posted a news story on its Web site about the 2004 Beijing International Radio and Television Exhibition, which started on Aug. 25 and will end on Aug. 28. According to the article, Apple played a major role at the trade show, posting large ads outside the convention center and placing a large booth in the exhibit hall..." Meldet MacCentral.

buttplug"The Doc Johnson iPlug is a vibrating butt plug with a multi function controller. The controller has two buttons; one button controls the speed or intensity of the vibration and the other button controls the vibration patterns. The 5 patterns available are – Vibrating, Pulsating, Surging, Escalating and Roller Coaster."
"In the meantime, those of you with fantasies involving iMac girls with coordinating alien probes: your kink is okay. We just don't want to hear about it." Via/Bei Gizmodo.

"The article also stated that IBM's 90nm process has a problem that prevents operation below 1.0V Vdd. So, I can speculate current situation of 970FX;
1) The reliability problem in high voltage (Vdd > 1.2V) operation inhibits faster (> 2.5GHz) chip,
2) We cannot expect ULV revision for PowerBook because 90nm 970FX does not work below 1.0V."
Gelesen bei xlr8yourmac.com, aber was soll es bedeuten?

Und natürlich ist heute 'DaDie'-Fehlertag.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal:
08/27 "Tarzan of the Apes" published, 1912
(So geht das).

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