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MacOrama für den 05. August 2004

macoramaAlex Salkever beschäftigt sich in der Business Week mit dem Apple-Moto Deal: "And if Apple does end up selling a good number of songs for handset use, it will extend its already huge lead in the legal music-download market, where it claims 70% of total sales. That in turn would raise FairPlay's profile, since more and more music owners would be buying into Apple's DRM system. "The benefit is, as you develop a dominant position in music distribution, people become used to seeing your name, and that drives more traffic through your stores," says Gutierrez. She adds that although margins on Apple's iTMS are very small, in the range of pennies on the dollar, the store is no longer losing money. "It could be a volume play for Apple," she points out."
Dvorak sieht genau in dieser Allianz den Grund für die harsche Reaktion auf Harmony: "Apple and Motorola are working on a deal to put iPod technology on Motorola cell phones. According to published reports, the hope is to create a cell phone/iPod sub-platform that can be licensed to other makers such as Nokia and Samsung. The idea is to develop a proprietary music delivery system with the phone carriers. This gives them a new opportunity to add additional fees to the already burgeoning cell phone bill, this one for music."

Im Januar wurde noch spekuliert, ob das 'Freeny-Patent' ("...covers the downloading and recording of information, such as music, from a computer onto a tangible object, such as CDs, DVDs and MP3 players.") den iTMS Europa aufhalten würde, inzwischen läuft dieser schon einige Zeit und Apple einigte sich mit dem Patenthalter E-Data, ohne dass finanzielle und andersweitige Details auch nur im Ansatz bekanntgegeben wurden.

Wer technisches zu Universal Access (und darunter ein klein wenig zum VoiceOver Spoken Interface, welches neu in 10.4 sein wird) erfahren will, der kann in diesem ADC Dokument schmökern.

Die unterschiedlichen Möglichkeiten AirPort Express zurückzusetzen, einmal kurz und bündig im Mac 911 Blog und etwas ausführlicher in der Knowledge Base.
Jason Snell gibt Antworten zu AirPort Express: "Now some more general advice. First, even if you think you're a really, really geeky Mac user, don't start with the AirPort Admin Utility. Apple has really done a remarkable job with the AirPort Express Assistant, and you should give it a try. Yes, it's a wizard-style interface -- what's the challenge in that? -- but when you're in a situation where you're configuring two wireless devices at once (for example, setting up a wireless relay from one AirPort Extreme or Express to another one), using the AirPort Admin Utility can get really hairy. In contrast, the Assistant is a breeze."

"With Adobe hot on its heels, Quark is pouring additional resources into the development of QuarkXPress and will soon begin firing off updates to the world's leading page layout software at a more rapid pace, AppleInsider has learned."

MacRumors hat ein noch unveröffentlichtes Buch namens 'AppleWorks X for Mac OS X: A Visual Quickstart Guide' entdeckt.

IBM mit einem Linux auf Power Mac G5 Guide: "For many Linux users, the best reason to buy an Apple Power Macintosh G5 machine will be, quite simply, the well engineered, high-performance, and reasonably priced machines available from Apple."

Und natürlich ein sich eröffnender Fehler.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
08/05* Bank Holiday in Scotland and Northern Ireland
(So geht das).

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