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MacOrama für den 18. Oktober 2004

Times Online bekommt nichts allzu spannendes aus Apple Europa Chef Pascal Cagni heraus:

Cagni said: “The iTunes music store is the key driver to establish the iPod as the Walkman of the 21st century.”


jog hat sich ice>Link:iPod ins Auto gebastelt:

Ich halte mich für einen Vielfahrer - zumindest verbringe ich werktags mindestens zwei Stunden im Auto. Somit rechnen sich für mich die 120 Euro auf jeden Fall. Ich würde mir das Ding auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen.


After seeing the Windows Media Center 2005 presentation at Digital Life I officially re-caught the bug to get something similar working at home. I’d certainly heard about the Eyehome digital media player previously, but had not had a chance to really figure it all out until this weekend. I am very happy with the results and thought I’d share for anyone else looking to do something similar.

atmaspheric endeavors über ein Mac Media Center. --

NPD Group Zahlen zeigen einen angeblich sinkenden MP3-Anteil (72%), bei wachsender WMA (19,6%) und AAC (4,3%) Verbreitung:

Indeed, the big winners over the past year have been the two formats backed by Microsoft and Apple, each of which has gained about 5 percent "hard-drive share" in the past year, according to the ongoing study by NPD MusicWatch Digital. The project surveys the hard-drive contents of 40,000 different people to track Internet and software trends.


Rob 'macosxhints' Griffiths liefert 16 seiner Lieblingstricks bei MacDevCenter.com.

Steve Jobs könnte jemanden gefunden haben, der sein Woodside Dump-Haus (mit)nimmt:

This particular unwieldy antique -- one that Jobs has been trying to have hauled away to appease community members who don't want it torn down -- has caught the eye of Dr. Timothy Chuter, a vascular surgeon at UCSF who lives in Woodside and wants to move the house to his 8-acre property east of Interstate 280.

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