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MacOrama für den 5. November 2004

Apples iPod Store ermöglicht neuerdings Produktbewertungen, allerdings nur für die nicht-Apple Kategorie. "We give all Apple products a rating of “5 Apples” because we think they’re great." steht in der FAQ, was zwangsläufig zu Spott und Verwunderung führen musste. Wenigstens wurde der erklärende Nachsatz inzwischen gestrichen: "Why can’t customers rate Apple products? Would you trust us to display less than perfect ratings on our own products? We didn’t think so!" (Screenshot gibts noch bei Gizmodo)

Apple: "Watch Frank Casanova, Apple Senior Director of Product Marketing QuickTime and Graphics, give a feature presentation at the CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment 2004 conference in San Francisco, CA." Ist nicht gerade tödlich spannend. Einzig interessant: 350.000 QT Downloads täglich (weltweit).

"Ever found that your iTunes music library wasn't quite as shared as you wanted? Annoyed that you can't copy a song from your server to your laptop quickly and easily, from with everyone's favourite music jukebox application? Want to make a playlist with shared tracks? Blue Coconut is for you."

Wer es gerne nochmal offiziell hört, kann bei TMO nachlesen. "I can't comment on what the Reuters reporter heard or reported, but I can clear up any confusion by saying now that Google has not announced or decided one way or another on developing Google Desktop for the Mac," Google public relations spokesman Nathan Tyler told The Mac Observer Wednesday."

Glenda Adams postet im Inside Mac Games Forum über die vorläufigen Systemanforderungen der Doom III Macversion: "Right now there isn't anything preventing you from running Doom 3 on a G4. But until we are sure it will be playable on a G4 1.5 (or whatever speed), we aren't going to say it will. Can you imagine the uproar if we released prelim specs as 1Ghz G4 and then a month later moved them to G5 1.5? Of course we are working with id, Apple, ATI and nVidia to optimize the game as fully as possible so it will run on as many machines as we can. Then we'll set the final system requirements accordingly."

Und natürlich ein schreibgeschützter Fehler.

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