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Nach 10.3.6 kommt eben 10.3.7 [Update]

10.3.6 ist kaum gekühlt und schon munkeln die üblichen Verdächtigen bei AI über OS X 10.3.7 Build 7S202, das angeblich noch vor Jahresende das Licht der Macs erblicken soll.

While details surrounding these very early builds are scant, sources say Mac OS X 10.3.7 will deliver enhancements to FireWire Audio, OpenGL, CoreGraphics, Multicast DNS, mLAN Audio, CoreFoundation, and AppKit. The update is also said to include revisions to the Mach Kernel, PDF and PostScript rendering, ATI Radeon graphics drivers (8500, 9700), and Nvidia GeForce graphics drivers (3, 2MX, FX).

Update: macnews.net.tc merkt an: "Core Foundation improves directional formatting codes, CoreGraphics fixes some printing issues and colour calibration issues with transparency. And: lookupd is improved for, well, domain name lookup (a problem mostly with Safari that showed up recently)."

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