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MacOrama für den 27. Dezember 2004

macoramaThe Sunday Times (Bezahlabo) macht Steve Jobs zur 'Business Person of 2004', Macworld UK zitiert aus dem Artikel: “It is even more remarkable for one chief executive to enjoy this level of success, not at one company, but at two quite different businesses in the same year. And to accomplish all this while undergoing treatment for cancer – well, that’s just incredible.”

Steve Jobs befindet sich zudem unter den 'Namen die man kennen sollte' des WSJ: "Mr. Jobs has not one but two hot streaks going. At Pixar, his staff churned out another box-office smash, "The Incredibles." In the iPod, Apple invented the Walkman of the '00s and dominates digital music."

Ein Problem mit der AirPort Express Firmware 6.1.1: "Peter Horvath wrote in to note that AirPort Express firmware update 6.1.1 disables screen saver mode on a machine that's streaming music. Apple confirmed this for him at a relatively high tech support level." berichtet Glenn Fleishman im AirPort Blog.

MacJournal 3.0b2 zum Antesten, hier finden sich die Neuigkeiten, hier der Download.

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