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Neue Firmware für AirPort Express und Extreme

Frisch zum Aktualisieren AirPort Express Firmware 6.1.1 (2,4 MB):
Hard reset behavior is improved. With this firmware version pressing and holding the reset button for more than 5 seconds will cause the LED to flash rapidly. This visual feedback lets you know you’ve held the button long enough to trigger a hard reset.
Improved reliability of WDS networks when using WPA security. If you had a WDS network secured by WDS and then removed any of the WDS nodes, this could cause a memory leak resulting in the need to reboot your WDS network nodes.
Resolved an issue with inbound passive FTP to a port-mapped computer on the network.
Resolved an issue with certain printers which were no longer recognized by the base station after the 6.1 firmware update was installed. With the 6.1.1 firmware these printers are again recognized by the base station.

AirPort Extreme Firmware 5.5.1 (1,24 MB): selbe Neuigkeiten wie bei der Express und "resolves a potential problem with PPPoE configurations when updating from 5.4 or earlier".

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