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Interview mit einem von Apple verklagten ADC Mitglied

Ende Dezember wurde bekannt, dass Apple eine Klage gegen drei ADC Mitglieder (und 25 unbekannte Personen) eingereicht hat, die eine 10.4 Entwicklerversion per BitTorrent verbreitet haben sollen. Im DrunkenBlog findet sich ein äußerst lesenswertes Interview mit einem der verklagten studentischen ADC Mitglieder sowie einem Admin des Torrent-Trackers, über den die Tigerversion verbreitet wurde.

Do you think what you did was wrong?
At the time, no. If I did think what I was doing was wrong, I wouldn't have done it. Looking back on it, realizing that I did break an NDA, and I was part of a scandal involving one of my favourite companies, yes I do think what I did was wrong and I understand why they are suing me. It sucks being the bad guy in a situation, and I honestly do regret what I did. But hindsight as they say is 20/20.


Can you give us some insight into how Apple was able to single out these three individuals from the swarm of seeders and downloaders?
BitTorrent is not anonymous; in order for the protocol to operate it requires a list of 'peers' to connect to. A peer list consists of IP address information for other peers which are interested in the content. From that information, based on what we know, Apple linked IP addresses from the tracker and usernames from the forum to information from Apple's ADC site.

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