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MacOrama für den 16. Januar 2005

MacOramaDori Smith weist auf Pages grausamen HTML Export hin: "Apple's newly-announced Pages application looks like a wonderful little lightweight page layout program… and a terrible disaster as a HTML editor.
Screenshots von Pages und Keynote 2 bei Apple-X.net.

Seit einigen Tagen kann man über das Schicksal von iFlicks (eine iTunesartige Videoverwaltung) rätseln: "Helixent Technologies is sorry to report that iFlicks is no longer available, at least for the time being. Due to a situation that has arisen, we have made the decision to halt further distribution of iFlicks." Ob und was Apple damit zu tun haben könnte ist bisher vollkommenst unklar.

Apple ist am Wochenende gleich doppelt in der NYT zu finden. Ein Artikel über 'Life is random': "They are two things that say your rational process of making sense of things is a model that may be obsolete," he said. " 'Life is random' is a really great way of shrugging your shoulders in a Buddhist way of nonattachment."
"It's kind of grim, actually," Mr. Bennahum added.
Und ein zweiter Artikel: "APPLE is well positioned for the future. When consumers open their wallets to buy things that have machine intelligence, or provide digital entertainment, or link to the Internet - that is, just about everything in a household that is not edible - they are likely to be drawn to the company with cachet, offering the best-designed, best-engineered, easiest-to-use products, priced affordably thanks to Mr. Moore's old law and Mr. Jobs's new pragmatism. They'll turn to the company that best knows how to meld hardware and software, the company embodied in the ecstatically happy hipster silhouette. The company that is, in a word, cool."

Der kurz schon bei den Details zum Mac mini gelinkte Ars.technica Artikel zur Macworld von Charles Jade ist doppelt erwähnenswert, alleine schon aufgrund des herrlichen Microsoft Standmitarbeiter Interviews auf Seite 5:
"What is Microsoft Word doing in my Dock?"
"Pardon?" Again, contrary to popular opinion among Mac users, Microsoft employees are not the devil. This guy was really nice.
"Is it searching for extraterrestrial life? I mean when it's sitting there in my Dock, without even a document open, it's using a tenth of my system. What's it doing?"
"Well, it may be that it is checking for new updates, or there could be other low-level functions being reported by the OS as being attributed to Word, but that are actually the operating system."
That is such garbage, but I didn’t want to ruin the conversation.

Hooray für das Bartelme iCollection Update:
iCollection Update
Jetzt mit iPod shuffle (und natürlich Mac mini).

Nick dePlume gleichzeitig in Washington Post, WSJ und bei AP: "A lot of lawyers are interested in my case, but few are able to do it for free or low cost," Ciarelli, of Cazenovia, N.Y., said in an e-mail interview. "I'm seeking representation." Kommentar bei IT&W.

In Japan hat Apple bereits mehr Vorbestellungen für den iPod shuffle verzeichnen können als unlängst noch für den iPod mini (der schon raketenartig auf dem japanischen Markt einschlug), wie Apple Japan VP Yoshiaki Sakito gegenüber Jiji Press zu Protokoll gab.

Laut AppleInsider hat HP seine iPod Bestellungen vorerst gestoppt: "Without a set price protection policy from Apple, HP will be vulnerable to sudden iPod price cuts that would leave it biting the full cost of those reductions. Apple currently offers HP no price protection, whatsoever, on the two models it currently sells."

Soviel zum Thema 'Reality Distortion Field'. iPodlounge meldet: "Though multiple vendors on the show floor at San Francisco Macworld Expo told iPodlounge yesterday that Apple's retail store in San Francisco had sold 20,000 iPod shuffle units in its first four hours of availability this week, it appears that the impressive number may just be the result of an Expo 'telephone game.' Other iPodlounge sources have subsequently reported that only 2,000 were sold at the store, a rate of roughly 8 shuffles per minute rather than the 80+ per minute required by the higher number. We apologize for the original report."

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