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Fünf Fragen an Steve Jobs [Update_2]

Ritter JobsGestellt von Fortune:
F: You're about to turn 50. Has middle age made you more patient?
JOBS: It makes us look further ahead, but it doesn't make us more patient. You know better what questions to ask. There aren't enough good people to do everything you want to do. So now we chew on things for a while before we decide to have the A-team go after something. That's not the same as being more patient.
Das zugehörige Technology Special ist nur als Ausschnitt für nicht-zahlende Leser verfügbar.
Update: Zahlreiche (interessante) Auszüge des kostenpflichtigen Artikels finden sich bei Paul Thurrott (dessen Kommentare man ruhig überlesen darf): "[In] a 1998 meeting, Jobs asked Adobe Systems executives to develop a Mac version of their consumer video-editing program changed his mind. "They said flat-out no," Jobs recalls. "We were shocked, because they had been a big supporter in the early days of the Mac. But we said, 'Okay, if nobody wants to help us, we're just going to have to do this ourselves.'"
Update_2: Weitere Auszüge bei macdailynews: ""'I felt like a dope,' says Jobs, thinking back to summer 2000, when his fixation on perfecting video editing on the Mac distracted him from noticing that millions of kids were using computers and CD burners to make audio CDs and to download digital songs called MP3s from illegal online services like Napster. Yes, even Jobs, the technological visionary of his generation, occasionally gets caught looking in the wrong direction. 'I thought we had missed it. We had to work hard to catch up.'"

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