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Mittags-MacOrama für den 25. Februar 2005

MacOramaNeben Rob Glaser war auch Apples CFO Peter Oppenheimer auf dem Goldman Sachs Technology Symposium vertreten, die Seattle Times schreibt: "When RealNetworks founder and chief executive, Rob Glaser, pitched his stock yesterday at the Goldman Sachs Technology Symposium, the room was half empty and only a handful of investors stayed around to ask questions. Digital media is hot, but RealNetworks apparently is not, at least in comparison with Apple. Apple boss Steve Jobs didn't make it to Goldman's conference, but the company's chief financial officer came and drew a standing-room-only crowd of more than 100 institutional investors.[...] Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer acknowledged how the iPod's "halo effect" is helping the company sell additional products. Oppenheimer reiterated Apple's expectations of a 52 percent sales gain in the coming year, but he cautioned that the growth rate can't continue forever."

Kaum dass ich über Erweiterungen zum Schutz vor Phishing-Angriffen schreibe, bringt Mozilla.org die länger angekündigte Version 1.0.1 des Firefox, die mit dem IDN-Problem umgeht. Diese Version stellt internationale Umlautdomains als Punycode dar. Eine deutsche Lokalisierung steht noch aus, ebenso gefixte optimierte Versionen (G4|G5). (jpf)
Die deutsche Lokalisierung liegt inzwischen vor: Direktdownload. (Danke, Michael!)

In seinem Weblog schreibt JupiterResearcher Michael Gartenberg, dass Apples Wettbewerbern die Preissenkung des iPod mini 4 GB gar nicht schmecken wird. "What's most important about the new announcements are the fact that Apple has lowered the mini to a $199 price point while preserving the magic thousand song storage mark. This is pretty bad news for the competition that was looking for ways to go after the mini. At this point, with a $50 price difference at most of the line (and $100 on the highest SKU) Apple now has the most complete product line at effective price bands to allow consumers join the iPod experience while not creating overlapping products. This is a good tactical move and will once again force their competitors to respond." (jpf)

Die Beschwerde einer englischen Verbraucherorganisation ist inzwischen bei der EU Kommission angekommen: "The case mainly concerns the fact that prices for the downloading of music tracks from the Apple UK website are, allegedly, substantially higher than the prices for the downloading of the same tracks from the other Apple websites - in particular the French and German websites," an EC statement said. However, the investigation is also looking into complaints that UK iTunes users are being prevented from accessing cheaper tracks via other European websites." liest man im Guardian, Reuters zitiert einen Sprecher: "There is indeed an investigation on our own intitiative," the spokesman said. "We have made informal requests to Apple just to gather information. It is at the early stages."

Wolfgang Bartelme hat nach dem Graphit-Package die Aqua-Variante desselben veröffentlicht. (ms)

"Using Apple's revolutionary Rendezvous technology, you can make your movies available on the network for everyone to watch together, or even password protect them for private showings." Tryst ist Freeware, zum Testen kam ich trotzdem noch nicht.

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