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Samstags-MacOrama für den 26. Februar 2005

MacOramaWie bereits erwähnt, war Apples CFO Peter Oppenheimer beim Goldman Sachs Technology Symposium zugange, MacCentral hat fleissig mitgetippt. Schockierende Enthüllungen kann man darin vergeblich suchen, die meisten Punkte sind bereits im letzten Conference Call diskutiert worden. Trotzdem interessant: "Oppenheimer said that Apple has had customer requests for a sub-$500 machine for quite some time, and that they're "encouraged" by the response to the system since its release. Oppenheimer was asked if Apple might go a step further by licensing the Mac operating system to another company. "We're happy with our company's rate of growth," he said, adding that Apple has no plans to license the operating systems."

Das iPod Scrollwheel stammt weiterhin von Synaptics: "Yesterday Apple announced several new iPods and we are confirming that our interface solutions are being used in those products," tat Synaptics im aktuellen SEC Filing kund. Nachdem Apple das (teilweise problembeladene) Trackpad der aktuellen PowerBook-Reihe nicht mehr von Synaptics fertigen ließ, war deren Börsenkurs spekulationsbedingt eingebrochen.

10.3.9 7W72 für die Entwickler, macnews.net.tc: "Areas of testing for 10.3.9 are: Bluetooth, DVD Player, FireWire devices, Modems (internal and external), Networking, Printing, Safari, Terminal, USB devices."
AI Quellen rechnen mit einer Veröffentlichung Ende März/Anfang April.

Weiterer Tiger Build (8A393): "Sources reported that the build 8A393 of Mac OS X Tiger was seeded today to a restricted number of developers and that build 7C10 of Apple Remote Desktop 2.2 beta update has been made available earlier this week through the Apple Developer Connection web site." liest man bei macosxrumors.

"George Bush ist in gewisser Weise der Steve Jobs der Weltpolitik." glaubt zumindest Die Welt. (via SPONs englischen Seiten: "The conservative Die Welt comes up with the day's oddest and most weirdly thought-out editorial in which the author manages to both compare Bush to Franklin D. Roosevelt and to crown him "the Steve Jobs of world politics." Danke, Sebastian!)

Saft 7.5.3 bringt: "Enter/ctrl-enter to go to next/previous links (like in Google); allow blocking instead of just warning in IDN spoofing detection".
Saft Lite 1.0.2: "This free plugin, with only feature "IDN Spoofing Detection" to protect your Safari, has just updated: Allow blocking instead of just warning in IDN spoofing detection."

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