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25.000$ für einen OS X Virus [Update_2]

Jack Campbell (mehr zu dem zweifelhaften Herrn hier und hier) sucht einmal mehr nach Aufmerksamkeit und ruft zur großen OS X Virenattacke auf. 25.000$ soll der erste OS X Virus bringen (50.000$ gar für Symantec Mitarbeiter, die diesen zustande bringen): "All you have to do is put a virus into circulation that makes its way onto two totally unprotected Mac OS X computers we have running in Hendersonville, Tennessee. No trick, no hidden barriers... just two open internet connections to two non-firewalled, unmodified, bone-stock OS X 10.3 Panther systems, each tied directly to the 'net by a T-1 line."
Update: Und schon zurückgezogen: "I have been convinced that the risk of a virus on the OS X platform is not zero, although it is remarkably close to zero. More importantly, I have been convinced that there may be legality issues stemming from such a contest, beyond those determined by our own legal counsel, prior to announcing the contest." Ach ne. Das Beste kommt allerdings am Ende: "And, we strongly discourage the use of exaggeration, innuendo, or loosely stated claims in an effort to increase sales of a company's products." Manchmal hilft wirklich nur noch Fäkalhumor.
Update_2 29.03.05: Computerworld ergänzt: "However, after word of the contest quickly spread online, Campbell was contacted by senior Apple employees who were experts on the security of OS X. They said that it was possible to create such a virus, though doing so would be difficult. The Apple employees encouraged Campbell to end the contest."

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