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DRM Patentinhaber will an iTunes und iPod mitverdienen [Update_2]

Mit archaischen Formulierungen richtet sich der Inhaber des US Patents #6,665,797 gegen Apple: "We have kept a close watch on every development of iTunes. We believe this is willful infringement”, said CEO of Pat-rights, Mr. Philip H.K. Tse,"We lose face. Apple shows no respect to us and our patent rights!” Dorn im Auge ist Mr. Tse die Anmelde-/Autorisierungweise, die das Abspielen von im iTMS gekauften Liedern auf fünf verschiedenen Rechnern ermöglicht. Er fordert deshalb 12% der Bruttoumsatzes von iTMS Downloads und verkauften iPods als Lizenzgebühr. Ein Interview mit dem von Pat-rights beauftragten Patentanwalt findet sich im Blog des ZDNET-Schreibers David Berlind:

Q. When I read the patent, it looks like it can be broadly applied to other DRM schemes. Do you and your client share that view?
A. It's fair to say that there are appplications to other DRM schemes.
Q. So, your client could go after others after Apple?
A. Yes, there could be others after but that goes into the area of what my client is intends to do with his patent rights and I'm not aware of any plans. You'll have to talk to him.

Sollte bis zum 21. März keine Einigung erzielt worden sein, wird Pat-rights wahrscheinlich gegen Apple vor Gericht ziehen.

Update: Völlig unabhängig davon hat eine Firma namens Advanced Audio Devices Apple bereits verklagt. "Advanced Audio told Apple in December that the iPod infringed on its Music Jukebox patent, according to the federal suit" meldet die Chicago Tribune. Gefunden via Engadget, die weitere Details zum Patent ausgegraben haben: "...a quick search of the USPTO’s database reveals that AAD were indeed granted a patent on July 1st of 2003 for a “music jukebox which is configured for storing a music library therein” that “includes a housing, audio input structure on the housing for receiving audio signals, audio output structure on the housing for outputting audio signals, and a data storage structure in the housing for storing audio signals.” (Which sounds like a pretty broad patent.)"

Update_2: Eine weitere Patentstreitigkeit betrifft Apple, allerdings nur am Rande: "The tiny storage device this factory churns out is the heart of one of the world's hottest consumer electronics items, the mini version of Apple Computer's iPod. Sales to Apple represent a huge triumph for GS Magic Stor, an offshoot of a struggling state-owned carmaker that is so obscure that even in China few are familiar with the name. The problem with this ringing success story, according to a better-established rival, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, which has factories in China and also supplies miniaturized drives to Apple, is that the Chinese company stole crucial elements of the design." schreibt die NYT.

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