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MacOrama für den 25. März 2005

MacOramaNachdem Apple heute bereits mit der Auslieferung des iPod Camera Connector begonnen, gibts jetzt noch schnell den iPod Updater 2005-03-23 (via Softwareaktualisierung oder Direktdownload), der in 28,9 MB die iPod Software 1.1 für den iPod photo (Apple bezeichnet diesen in der Softwareaktualisierung interessanterweise als 'iPod with color display') enthält: "Support for optional iPod Camera Connector for importing and viewing photos directly on iPod; updated slideshow transitions." Ein Video der neuen Übergänge ("Push Across, Push Down, Wipe Across, Wipe Down, and Wipe From Center") gibt es in der iPodlounge. Mit der iPod photo Software 1.1 lassen sich auch mit dem Belkin Media Reader importierte Bilder direkt auf dem iPod betrachten.

Cnet kommt mit einer etwas wirren Geschichte über das Musiktauschen. Laut einer Studie von Pew Internet & American Life Project sei der Peer-to-Peer-Austausch binnen eines Jahres von 58 Prozent auf 21 Prozent gefallen. Stattdessen habe sich der Musiktausch neue Wege erschlossen, darunter den zunehmenden Tausch via iPod und iTMS, da Apple Kopien gekaufter Musikstücke auf eine unbegrenzte Anzahl iPods zulasse. Techdirt rückt die Geschichte gerade: "Here's yet another study that it looks like the press is misinterpreting to turn a small story into a bigger story. CNET is claiming that people who share files online are moving away from online services to trading via their iPods instead. That's a stretch. Beyond the technical difficulty involved in "trading via your iPod," this claim is based on simply the directional trends. The study claims that fewer people are sharing music online, but more are using other means, such as trading via an iPod. However, if you look at the absolute numbers, they're likely to show that such "iPod trading" is a tiny fraction of those who share online. Furthermore, you have to wonder if there's a bias from those surveyed -- since they now know about all the lawsuits, they may be less likely to admit they share music online. About the only thing this study really shows is that people will continue to look for a variety places to get the music they like, and they aren't limited to just one. This means that for every effort the recording industry makes to shut down file sharing offerings, people will just move on to something else." (jpf)

Auch die diesjährige NAB bringt wieder ein Apple Special Event, betitelt mit 'The Production Value of HD': "To see the latest Apple technology, please join Apple for a special presentation at NAB 2005." Think Secret hat vor einigen Tagen die vermutlich kommende Software abgehandelt, bereits das letztjährige Special Event konnte mit allerlei Pro-Software aufwarten.

iPod shuffle exposed
Macworld UK erinnert an ein bereits älteres Knowledge Base Dokument, das nichtsdestotrotz bemerkenswert ist. In diesem wird die sinnvolle Anwendung der iPod In-Ear Headphones eindringlich geschildert: "To aid in the proper positioning of the ear bud, open your ear canal a little wider when you insert the ear bud. Everyone's ears are different, but you can usually do this by grasping either the upper or lower part of your ear and pulling gently away from your head with one hand while slowly inserting the tip of the ear bud into the ear canal with the other hand. In some cases, wiggling the ear bud into place can also help."

Die schöne Geschichte um die Entstehung des Sosumi Warntons, aus einer Zeit als System 7 noch unter Entwicklung war und Apple bereits von den Beatles bzw. Apple Corps verklagt wurde. Erzählt von Jim Reekes, der den damaligen Sound Manager selbst entwickelte: "So, upon hearing I had to change the name of my new beep, I immediately thougth of the perfect name, "Let it Beep". Of course, I was joking but it was brilliant right? As everyone was laughing, someone even took me seriously and said I could never get away with that! I said, "so sue me" and that's when I realized my scheme. I told Sheila the new name would be spelled "s-o-s-u-m-i". I asked she return the message to legal, but not to use voicemail (since she'd have to pronounce it) and instead send an email with some story about it being Japanese and not meaning anything musical. (so I don't know what she actually told them)." Komplett bei Boing Boing.

Shuffle MintNicht nur in Australien werden iPods von den Schulen verbannt, auch an einer US-Schule werden die Geräte eingesammelt. Deshalb hat Austin Riedhammer seiner Kreativität und gewissen handwerklichen Geschicktheit Raum gegeben. "So here’s how it goes. I needed a way to keep my iPod Shuffle (Naomi) out of the teacher’s hands, but still be able to keep myself occupied in my humdrum study hall. Solution? Cover it up and give out a decoy I can get back at the end of the day. And what better to use than a case of Penguin Caffinated Mints to keep my Shuffle warm." Und die weißen Ohrhörer fallen jetzt nicht auf, ja?? (via TUAW, und noch einige nette Bilder bei flickr) (jpf)

Engadget: "Some companies make you jump through hoops to get a replacement for a malfunctioning device. Griffin Technology takes a rather different approach to the process by issuing replacements right away, and asking only that the customer destroy the non-functioning device “in a creative manner” and send photographic evidence." Im gezeigten Fall geht es um einen von drei Modellraketentriebwerken zerstörten iTrip.

Fehlerbereinigung bei Ecto: "My sincere apologies for the sudden frequent release of bug fixes. ecto went from 2.2.5 to 2.2.7 in just 5 days. Version 2.2.6 fixed a mistake that slipped into 2.2.5 when I added better support for primary categories. Then there was a possible issue with timezones. I could easily wait a few weeks and then release a new version, but I just hate having bugs in the app. If a user finds a serious bug, I really want to fix it as soon as possible. Usually, I release minor fixes as a latest build (see sidebar), but the issues with primary categories and timezones warranted a full release. Either way, there should not be another new version for a month now." Puh. (jpf)

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