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MacOrama für den 4. März 2005

MacOrama"Apple Computer Inc. can force three online publishers to disclose where they got confidential information about new Apple products, a judge tentatively ruled. Judge James Kleinberg of state court in San Jose, Calif., refused to shield the publishers from Apple's inquiries." AppleInsider und Powerpage müssen damit theoretisch ihre Asteroid-Quellen offenlegen. "We're disappointed that the tentative ruling was a denial," said Kurt Opsahl, a lawyer for the foundation [i.e. EFF]. He said he would appeal the ruling." meldet Bloomberg News.

Amit Singh hat sich den Sudden Motion Sensor (aka Apple Motion Sensor - AMS) der neuen PowerBooks näher angesehen und kam auf ganz andere Ideen: "While the PowerBook only uses the AMS as a defensive measure to prevent accidental damage to the disk drive, such sensors could have a variety o uses. In particular, they have been considered as alternative input methods in user interfaces for video game controllers, phones, PDAs, and othe mobile devices. While it is to be seen if they will be successful in these areas, such use at least has a novelty value." (via Gizmodo)

"According to Intel marketing materials, the Xserve RAID uses Intel's IOP 331 chip, a derivative of the XScale processor. The IOP chip, which is used in many storage systems, is designed to speed the task of shuttling data in and out of a computer system." Ausgegraben von Ina Fried bei CNET.

Gestern kam Version 2.2.4, heute schreibt Adriaan über ectos Zukunft, die neben 'interface improvements' eine Tiger-only Version bereithälten könnte und Unterstützung für Technorati Tags bieten wird.

Manfred Schubert liefert sein PDF Browser Plugin in Version 2.2: "improved stability; improved accuracy of standard size on most displays; optional display of real page numbers in addition to page labels while scrolling; allows printing from kiosk browsers" und das Word Browser Plugin in Version 2.0.1: "improved suitability for kiosk browsers".

Zwischenablagenhelfer und Freeware iSnip liegt frisch in Version 1.4 vor, mit neuen Icon von Wolfgang Bartelme, 'complete support for filling out web forms automatically' und den üblichen Bugfixes.

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