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Apple im Gespräch mit Intel? [Update_3]

IntelDas alte Gerücht, heute frisch im Wall Street Journal, zitiert von Reuters: "The report, citing two industry executives with knowledge of recent discussions between the companies, said Apple will agree to use Intel chips. Neither company would confirm the report and an Apple spokeswoman told the Journal she would characterize it as "rumor and speculation."
Update: "Apple beabsichtige aber nicht, sein Betriebssystem Mac OS X insgesamt auf PCs lauffähig zu machen, zitiert das Wall Street Journal eine der beiden Quellen," so heise.
Update_2: Tony Smith analysiert bei The Register: "We've been here before, on many occasions. Apple already buys processors from companies other than IBM and Freescale, its ongoing PowerPC partners, but it uses these chips in its other products, from well-known lines like the iPod to less famous items like Wi-Fi access points. The latter use AMD embedded CPUs, for example. So it's entirely likely Apple might be pursuing a commercial relationship with Intel. But it does seem implausible that such a deal would see the Mac maker migrate its computers to the x86 processor platform."
Update_3: Eric Bangeman geht in dieselbe Richtung: "The Apple-Intel conversations that the WSJ is reporting likely have to do with Intel's Xscale CPU, a cool little chip that is fantastic for things like appliances and portable devices. Think gadgets and set-top boxes. If Apple is looking at branching out into other consumer electronics hardware, the Xscale would be a logical choice."

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