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'Apple mit Intel Chips'-Nachlese

Int IdDer auslösende Artikel des WallStreetJournal ist heute kostenlos nachlesbar: "The idea that Apple Computer might use Intel-based products, which provide processing power for personal computers that use Microsoft Corp. software, has long been the subject of industry speculation and off-and-on negotiations between Apple and Intel. Two industry executives with knowledge of recent discussions between the companies said Apple will agree to use Intel chips."
Arik Hesseldahl argumentiert bei Forbes.com: "It's also not impossible that the latest round of Apple-Intel rumors are a deliberate leak from Apple, designed to ratchet up the pressure on IBM and win concessions."
"Apple wins either way, analysts say. If it uses Intel chips, it gets a new source of cheap, high-performance processors. If not, the rumor at least gives it negotiating leverage with IBM," glaubt Inverstor's Business Daily.
Paul Thurrott, der vor wenigen Wochen die alten Apple+Intel Gerüchte wieder aufleben ließ, äußert sich zu seinen Quellen: "The first two were unequivocal: Apple is porting OS X to Intel--not to x86, but specifically to Intel--and abandoning IBM's PowerPC architecture. The third noted this week that he's hearing that the Intel work is related to Apple's much discussed Tablet device. Too, there's a hidden display option that lets you orient the screen in landscape mode in Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger," a clue that such a device is on the way, I was told by others."
Eins kann man mit Sicherheit festhalten: Apples Aktienkurs hat das mächtige Gemurmel gestern nicht geschadet, denn dieser stieg um beinahe 6% und erreicht fast wieder die 40$ Marke.

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