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MacOrama für den 3. Juni 2005

MacOramaiTunes 4.9 könnte bereits auf der Gnomedex (vom 23.-26. Juni) präsentiert werden: "Curry said he had encouraged Apple to get feedback about the upgrade to the iTunes software and, apparently suggested one opportunity would be at Chris Pirillo's three-day tech conference in Seattle, Gnomedex. Curry also said he met with a six-person Apple team managing the podcatcher revision to iTunes. He thinks it will greatly increase the consumption of podcasts." Marketwatch.

Jobs Kleidung
Gerade erst gab es ihn im Frack zu sehen, Joy of Tech ermöglicht zudem die Steve-nach-Wahl-Bekleidung (Flash).

Die iPod-Akku Sammleklage vom Dezember 2003 geht ihrem Ende entgegen: "According to the terms of the settlement, people who fill out a claim form are entitled to receive $50 redeemable toward the purchase of any Apple products or services except iTunes downloads or iTunes gift certificates. They can redeem the voucher within 18 months of final settlement approval at any bricks-and-mortar Apple Store or online" meldet AP. Alle weiteren Details hält appleipodsettlement.com parat, nur Bewohner der USA in der Lage, ihre Ansprüche geltend zu machen. "We think it's a very good settlement, basically providing relief to the majority of the class that had failures," Gibbs said. "The negotiations with Apple were hard fought and at arms length and took quite a long time, but at the end of the day, the process worked like it was supposed to." Apple kommentierte bislang noch nicht. Am teuersten werden wohl die Anwaltskosten kommen: "Apple has agreed to pay up to $2.8 million to the two law firms that represented consumers."

Ipod Clone
iPodlounge hat auf der Computex mal mehr mal weniger bekannte iPod Imitate aufgetan. Ebenfalls dort zu sehen: Luxpros schon länger bekannter iPod shuffle-Klon mit Display.

"While the Mac mini is due to gain a bit more RAM and potentially the long-lost iPod dock, sources have only commented on slightly redesigned iBooks said to be making the rounds on the west coast. If Apple fails to refresh either of these products next week, it could be almost a month before the company makes any moves" schreibt AI, die im selben Artikeln von vollen Lagern bei Apple berichten: "In fact, for the first time in over a year, there is enough stock of all of Apple's major products -- both Mac and iPod -- that even the company's often-neglected value added retailers can get most products on demand."

Wie erwartet gibt es nun auch einen iPod mini+hp. In HPs Onlineshop ist momentan nur die 6GB Variante gelistet, aber beide Modelle sollen unter dem HP-Label verkauft werden.

Und T-3 Fehler.

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