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MacOrama für den 22. August 2005

MacOramaIm Juni hatte bereits ein deutscher Onlinehändler den iPod shuffle als 2 und 4GB-Fassung aufgelistet, die Artikelseiten sind allerdings inzwischen nicht mehr online. Nun gibt es ebenfalls bei shopping.com Platzhalter für 2 und 4 (bzw. 4,1) GB iPod shuffle. (via Gizmodo) Vermutlich handelt es sich um nicht mehr als eine Reaktion auf die schon lange bestehenden Gerüchte, momentan erscheint ein 4GB iPod mini mit Flash-Speicher erheblich wahrscheinlicher.

"Apple is tighening its grip on what names it will allow third party site to use as it targets UK website iPod essentials. According to iPod Essentials, who are now in the process of changing its name to MP3 Essentials Legal action has been taken against them by Apple Computers citing trademark infringement." Dies meldet Pocket-Lint.co.uk (via Macworld UK). Das beantwortet problemlos, warum aus iPodlounge.com nur noch iLounge.com wurde.

"Made for iPod" will sich Apple ebenfalls als Handelsmarke schützen lassen und auch darin taucht natürlich wieder ein Video-fähiger iPod auf: "...a full line of electronic and mechanical accessories and computer software for portable and handheld digital electronic devices for recording, organizing, transmitting, manipulating, and reviewing text, data, audio, image, and video files".

MercuryNews.com im Interview mit MS Mac BU-Chefin Roz Ho:
"Is there a difference in the way Apple and Microsoft approach product development?
"We are more similar than you would think. The Windows team is much bigger, and there is much more complexity. We have way more compatibility issues to deal with -- not only backward compatibility but every printer, every USB device. The headache is bigger. They (Apple) are still more organized around smaller team concepts, which works very well for them. Other than that, I think the culture is similar. You do the design, you do the engineering, you test it and you ship it."

Und ein Infinite Loop Interview mit Colloquy-Entwickler Tim Hatcher, der inzwischen bei Apple im Safari/WebKit-Team arbeitet:
IL: "Now that OS X has been around for a while, how is the reception of Macintosh programmers in the Open Source world? How does it differ now from when OS X first hit the scene?"
TH: "OS X had a strong open-source community way before it was "OS X." The NeXTSTEP community carried on that legacy and helped it grow under the OS X title. With a strong existing open-source community, more developers are opening up to the idea of sharing and collaborating with the community."

Der seltsame iGuy darf/muss seltsame Abenteuer in seinem eigenen Blog erleben: "Follow the chronicles of iGuy the iPod character. View his weekly conquests and adventures as they unfold, building his legacy. iGuy is a imaginary character that explores today's iPod crazed society and attempts to blend into everyday life and the celeberty scene." (via Gizmodo)

"coconutBattery is a tool that reads out the data of your notebook-battery (iBook/Powerbook). It does give you live-feedback what's going on in your battery (not only a snapshot like other tools). It shows the current charge of your battery as well as the current maximum capacity related to its original."

Growl 0.7.2, in erster Linie ein Bugfix-Release. Version History.

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