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MacOrama für den 2. September 2005

MacOramaSafaris Speicherfressereien werden momentan fleissig minimiert: "A week ago run-webkit-tests --leaks was reporting over 4000 leaks. Today, it usually reports less than five leaks. Many leaks that were found other ways have also been fixed", so liest man bei Surfin' Safari.

HPs aktueller Chef Mark Hurd erklärt die Gründe hinter dem aufgegebenen "Apple iPod from HP" gegenüber der BusinessWeek:

Why did you decide to stop selling Apple's iPod?
"There are a lot of bets we can make, but we want to make those bets in markets that are exciting, have growth, are worth dominating -- make that "leading," the lawyers don't like "dominating" -- and in which, by the way, we can lead. So think about putting our logo on the iPod. Is the market worth leading? Maybe it is. But can we lead it, with no or very little technology differentiation? Doubtful. You have to go into places where you can lead."


'Tiger Secrets: System settings' in der Macworld: "20 top-secret tweaks that can bend OS X 10.4 to your will". Außerdem: "Secrets of the Color Picker" von Rob Griffiths.

Eine Übersichtsseite der iTMS Charts in verschiedenen Ländern gibt es hier auf apple.com.

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