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MacOrama für den 23. September 2005

MacOrama"Tim Cook is the heir-apparent at Apple. His filling in for Steve during the latter's illness has made that pretty clear. Of course these days it's more likely, should Steve ever need to be replaced (and unless the company suddenly fails, this is a matter of when, rather than if), that the the board of directors will go outside Apple to find a replacement, but even so, Tim is the No. 2 guy for right now", so Ex-Apple-Mitarbeiter Edward Eigerman.

Razr Itunes
Dass iTunes mobile in weiteren Mobiltelefonen folgen soll ist bereits ausgemachte Sache. HowardForums enthält eine lausiges Foto, das vorgibt das Menü des RAZR V3 zu zeigen, inklusive iTunes-Icon. (via Engadget)
Cingular, die vereint mit Apple und Motorola das ROKR in den USA auf den Markt schmissen, wollen kommendes Jahr eine mobile Musikdownloadmöglichkeit (mit "leicht höheren" Preise als im iTMS) an den Start bringen. "Details regarding how the service would be run were still being worked out, de la Vega said, adding that he hoped it could be done in partnership with Apple. Asked about demand for the ROKR, de la Vega said the company was making sales, but noted that "it takes a little while to build." Sprich: Es kauft niemand.

iPod Erotica
Für Leute, denen der nano-Thong nicht weit genug geht. (via Schockwellenreiter)

Kleine Geschichtsstunde bei Macworld UK: "Apple sued Jobs and fellow ex-Apple employee Rich Page on September 23, 1985. Both were ordered not to use any proprietary information for their post-Apple venture, and Jobs was charged with dereliction of duties as chairman of Apple. Jobs was forced out of Apple in 1985 in a vicious power-play that left his erstwhile friend John Sculley in charge (both pictured here in happier times). In the words of BusinessWeek Jobs was "hurt, humiliated, and disillusioned"."

ipod radio
"The first portable transistor radio was the Regency TR-1 , released in 1954, in many catchy colours. Hmm, something vaguely familiar here..." Mehr bei BBC News (aus Flickr wurde das Bild inzwischen aus unerfindlichen Gründen entfernt).

"Saturday, I visited the Apple Store at Walden Galleria (Buffalo, NY) and found a Dell kiosk in the mall walk within 100 feet of the Apple Store entrance. You could order from the reps at the kiosk, but no merchandise was available for immediate sale. The Apple employees were saying that Dell is setting up kiosks outside every Apple Store." Das berichtet ein Macintouch-Leser. Ob man dort ein Dell DJ Ditty-Feuerzeug geschenkt bekommt?

Doom 3? Schonmal irgendwo gehört? War das nicht dieser Shooter der vor 127 Jahren erschien? Jetzt gibts jedenfalls eine Drei-Level-Demo als 463,5 MB Download.

iTunesMyWalkman 0.6: "When the phone is detected, the user will be also given an option to open iPhoto or unmount the phone. Added a primitive preferences dialog. Bug fixes."

"MacScan detects, isolates, and removes as well as notifing you of any remote administration applications that may be active. MacScan also audits and protects your system from spyware programs such as keystroke recorders." Abgesehen von der derzeitigen Nahezu-Nutzlosigkeit, taugt MacScan noch nichtmal was. Fazit bei „shiftzwei, die einen kleinen Test durchgeführt haben: "nicht zu gebrauchen."

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